RipTide Sports Pneumatic / Composite tire project

Hi, Brad here, we have recently signed a Non-Disclosure agreement with a well known and respected racing tire manufacturer that is not currently in the ESK8 market and I would appreciate the input of the community here to help our chances of success. Our strategy is to build the first tire to fit the most popular hub / wheel dimensions so we will have the greatest number of potential users, so I have a couple of questions we need help with listed below.

1). What is the most common hub we need to fit, is it Trampa, Evolve, or other?

2). What is the size of the market, does anyone know how many pneumatic set ups are out there? Raw data from companies such as Evolve / Trampa sales numbers would be very helpful. Worldwide, is there any market data that is accessible regarding the ESK8 market?

Does anyone have any other insights to offer that is relevant to this project? If useful, you might end up with a set of pneumatics as a thank you!

Stoked to be here, thank you all for your help
Brad T. Miller
RipTide Sports, Inc.


Trampa, Evolve, MBS. I believe the same tire will fit all 3 of these. What size tire are you looking into making?


seems like trampa, mbs, evolve hubs are the most common out there. The also seem to be compatible with each other

smaller tires probably haggy


I use Trampa Urban Treadz on my Evolve so I can verify Trampa tires fit Evolve hubs. Can’t say I like the hubs much. They are very difficult to balance. Easier with the Urban Treadz than the stock Evolve tires but still squirrelly.


@RipTideSports a poll might be helpful in capturing the data you are looking for!


Id say most common tyre is the 8x2 and these fits most hubs on the market, excluding bergmeisters and sixshooters.


Depends Brad. If you want to serve our community here then a poll would be a good idea and I think you’ll find 6x2’s will top it but I’m not certain.

Really though, cater to the evolve crowd if this is a commercial venture.


Approximately 3.7" ID (tire bead diameter) x 5.5" to 6" OD (tire diameter) x 2" to 2.5" wide is my initial thoughts. Similar to what Metroboards calls the “155”. Urban screamer size that can be uses as a racing tire with modified hubs @MoeStooge style.


8x2’s also fit on the tourqueboards hubs as well, testing them now, no issues so far.


For that I would say 2.5” wide then. I love the metro tires with stretched stooge gear :smiley: 155 is the sweet spot, but I would say a lot of racers would want a 150-140 that fits the metro/Trampa style hubs


The way tires are sized is really goofy and the Metroboard 155 will fit Trampa, MBS and Evolve hubs. The 155 is the OD of the tire, virtually 6".


160x50 155x50 150x50 would be nice options


<7" that are wider than 50 but less than 75
Like an in-between of a phatty tire and kenda 8" that is compatible with all hubs :call_me_hand:


Going off @PixelatedPolyeurthan 150x65 or 145x65 would be perfect!


Yea, it is definitely worth noting that, while stock Rockstar II and Superstars are definitely the most widely used, there is now a small trend for those wider tires similar to the Stooge tires and especially now that @surfnacho is offering spacers for the Trampa Superstars.

Don’t really have much of raw data however to support it, but from the builds we’ve seen just this year compared to how it was a year or so ago, there are for sure much more pneumatic builds. It’s almost always either TB110 for thane or pneumatics. (Yes I know short board builds exist but they’re irrelevant in this case)

We can also just outright ask Joel from MBS or Frank from Trampa to give us raw sale numbers and current trends


Sounds like a great idea Brad. After seeing failure after failure, It would be great to have a tire with a better bead and and better durability.

Something that can be ran flat also would be a nice feature. What keeps me on polyurethane is at least I know my wheel is going to keep me rolling forward, not eject me like a fighter pilot. I know the wheels Dave uses are able to be ran flat.


Vote for mbs rockstar2 hubs and <7 inch tires.


If you know Frank or Joel, please invite them to this thread


@MBS and @Trampa. Please help our Lord and savior Brad. I’m too excited now to let this idea just die.


I’d aim for a tire size that would fit trampa, Kaly, Torqueboards, evolve, metroboards, MBS hubs all these mfrs hubs and tires all work interchangeably to varying degrees… anything in the berg, clever 6x2 range will not fit…

What I’d like to see is something in the 140-150mm rolling tire diameter (when widened), stiff side walls, real corded tire beads, and width-wise something that can be run in 50mm-75mm widths

a tire that can be run acceptably at 35ish PSI but is strong enough to withstand 50ish psi as well…

Generally a flatish contact patch, but slightly crowned in the center, so when running the tire up to speed it will ride on the crown not the entire contact patch, but when pushed into a corner the cornering force would flatten out the contact patch when needed.

Decent thickness in the tire carcass, center tread section, for wear and flat avoidance…rounded tire shoulder profile to eliminate the tire wandering and following cracks and imperfections…

Ideally offer the tire in multiple duros, once the mold is made… making different tire duros should be a cinch…

a guy racing these tires may want a softer duro than a weekend cruiser thinking about longevity… and maybe even a mixed duro tire where the center is hard and the edges and shoulders a softer duro… I know these were made for motorcycle racing tires…

Also, they should be placed pricewise similar to tires now available… maybe a might more…

and while you’re at it can we get some decent tubes or maybe foam (mousse) inserts??

thanks Brad @RipTideSports