Rexxy the 18s street carver

First foray into HV.

This build is mostly a remodel/makeover of @Yeahthatperson build.

Found here

What got replaced so far, deck and drive train

For the deck I acquired another 1st gen haero bro deck from @Sender

Then thru luck acquired some proto type lacroix hyper truck kites

What makes these special is they are the same width as normal hyper trucks. Vs 16in wide on the production ones.

For wheels I went back with the pentagram by @Ean.esk8.


Deck: haero bro 1st stiff
Enclosure :eboosted DS for 1st gen
Esc : lacroix stormcore 100d 2
Battery: p42a 18s5p
Motors: flipsky 6385 140kv
Trucks and mounts : lacroix hyper truck lite prototypes
Ratio: 62 newbee wheel pulleys 16t radium steel pulleys

Upcoming upgrades, replacement enclosure, new batteries, ossr, newbee 4g gear drives, skp reachers, skp solos or a 100dx maybe, hellcat wides perhaps. Also lookin at splitting my angles by about 15 degrees but we will see. Etoxx base plates won’t fit. Too narrow of a truck

It’s currently raining and I was rushing with repairs and etc to get it rolling. So will report back with thoughts.


Where did u get the lacroix trucks? Nice


Killer build. Those trucks look amazing. Would love to see some pics inside the enclosure.

Can’t wait to hear what your first impressions are of a HV board. I’m really hoping you will just say that it’s all hype so I can be content with my 12s setups.


i love it, I have 1 bit of constructive criticism though

this is the only change id reccomend


I know for a fact if you wear these while building your board it will be hawt,and a rocket
My board came with this upgrade free, i think it helps keep the magic smoke in, ive TRIED to free it, but its not happening, i think its seared in


Inside is gross :joy:. I kinda just made stuff fit into the last section so it’s messy.

I think this was @Yeahthatperson first battery builds here’s a picture of the battery portion.

I did a 1/4in thick foam sheet roll to the entire battery portion for some insulation from moisture.

I’ll take a new picture of the esc arrangement when I change out the motors


Best I can do for ya


The corgy socks are fire enough

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Dang Bro - that is a beauty!

Is this finally a hoverboard?

Motors in. Now to swap.


Installed, couldn’t get a good detection with these motors tho. I did 6.0 with flipsky 6385 and it was fine. One side got flux linkage failure with wizard and manually. Swapped the sides and got over current errors for both.

Moved back down to 5.3 and it was fine. So something in the firmware did not like my combination.

Any other 100d2 or plus folks have any input?

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6.0 assigns a bad default for Slow ABS Current Limit, and this will cause you to throw over current faults.

It assigns false after wizard motor config., when it should be true.

That is the first thing I would check, but it could be something else too. VESC is fun like that.

My 100d+ has gremlins, and will throw DRV faults on 5.3 and 6.0, but works perfect on 5.2. I’ve spent hours with @jaykup trying to figure it out, and I have now given up. Likely a DRV chip issue, but bizarre how it works perfectly well on 5.2. I want that extra UART dammit. Guess I’ll need a usplit.

Yeah I manually changed some settings then try manual detection. Same result. I’m gonna try to take it on the test loop to see what it does.

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I forgot to mention above, I’m also using 6485 reachers, so nearly the same combination. I’m curious if my 100d+ would throw the same faults with other motors. Probably something I’ll never test though.


Interesting side note with these hyper truck lites.

They setup/ride just like hyper trucks. I notice with using radium adapters on the other trucks the preload has to be more than what I do with these and hyper trucks.

Feels very loose on green and whites.


I really like green/white for going fast. And, red/yellow for carving and riding under 30mph. I find even the green get squirrely if I don’t preload them just right.

That board might win 2023 BOTY. The big Phatties and wide stance on the bro gets the people going.

After some troubleshooting with @Shadowfax and @jaykup @Skyart

Got 6.0 working on this 100d2 with the 6495 reachers.

Will need to bring in some gear to go testing on it

The 3.44 ratio and 145kv motors doesn’t fill the launch feeling for me. Curious to see what logs will look like on the test loop.


You have pretty high top end speed (60mph), and not a whole lot of force/accel with that gear ratio.

1:5 or higher would still give you plenty of speed and give you the launch you’re looking for