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Revel at the "brand" new competitor in the direct drive Esk8 race!

This is not my company obviously. But I support Revel boards. They were my first intro into the Esk8 world. The Landwheel ESC in the Revel system pushed this 230lb guy up some steep inclines and handled some top speeds of over 30mph when the batteries where upgraded. The system never got hot and never failed me. Now I am excited to have the opportunity of introducing their newest system. Sent to me in email today Find Revel’s Direct Drive kit on Kickstarter June 4th. Also look forward to a new remote :grin: and some new AT Wheels in their near future. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Maybe they will make the remote VESC compatible.


Is anyone here running the previous version of this?


I edited the post if you want to read it

And yes I know a few. They are the same company as landwheel but made great improvements when they came to California

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Um? * Battery: Swappable Lithium 3200mAh ? seems really very low…Or am I misunderstanding ?


Seems like a super sweet kit for the price ($800), if you just want super quick and easy eskate. Im just wondering if the Specs are going to be all that.

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That’s why it’s replaceable, I have 4 battery’s from revel, the old battery’s where pretty bad, but I’m pretty sure they improved. They are lipos

You can probably remove the battery, cut the enclosure in half, fill the gap fiberglass extensions, toss a 18Ah battery in

I’ll contact Flo (Revel) and get him to come on here. @KaramQ met him in SD I think, you wanna hit him up to join here.

I’ve talked with him and I was part of the Landwheel testers who exposed all the issues they had over the 5 versions they had. Landwheel was very dedicated in making their drive good. Revel worked with LW to help with the product in the US market. Given my experience with their old drives the motor, ESC and remote should be smooth and powerful. Their battery was a big concern.


I’m here! :grin:

Thanks for the shout out @Kingdom421


@Agressivstreetlamp Those are actually the specs of the old kit!


there you are. Ignore my messages then

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Good to hear! Do you know the specs for the new kit?

But more importantly:
But can you make me a Messerschmitt?


Haha I don’t think we can compete with the Messerschmitt!

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Direct drives and crowd funding. Where have I seen that before😂 we need to do proper due diligence. We don’t want Jerry 2.0. Having said that, they look bloody fantastic



I’ve been testing a 6000mAh battery for the past few weeks but I think for the Kickstarter we’re going to roll with the 4400mAh, so we can keep price at $499.


What esc are you using? And what wheel adapters come included in the kit?

Count me in for the Kickstarter, love the improvements


It’s our own esc. Jason (co-founder of Revel and founder of Landwheel) has been improving this ESC for the past 4 years. It’s rock solid!

Wheel options so far, but all-terrains are in the works:


Thanks Karam! And agreed, battery was not the best but new battery is a huge leap forward.


Is this US only?