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Revel at the "brand" new competitor in the direct drive Esk8 race!

Nope, international! We do have a few country restrictions though.

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You should be good in Europe!


Alright. thanks for your answer. I have a few more :slight_smile:

  • what is the connector on the motors? 9 pin ebike?
  • motor kv?
  • connector on the battery?
  • I assume the battery is under 160wh so we can fly with it
  • what cells? 4400mh sounds like 10s2p samsung 22p cells
  • motor clearance with the 92mm wheels? thats quite small for direct drive.
  • will the trucks be top mountable?
  • can we some pics of the remote.

I think that will do for now :slight_smile:

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Any plans on selling the direct drive on its own? If this whole set costs only 500$, I can imagine the drive by itself, being priced what its worth, could sell REALLY well :slight_smile:


The Kickstarter battery is 159wh but we’re looking to also offer a 216wh version.
Motors rated at 350w, max power 1100w.
Yes, 10s2p Samsung cells
Motor diameter is 62mm so clearance with 92mm is 15mm (yes, bigger wheels are safer for rough streets!)
Trucks are not top mountable due to the nature of this product.
Here’s the remote. The rectangle you see below the linear throttle will actually be a screen:


We might be able to package that up separately if there’s enough interest!

To clarify: Kickstarter price is $499, this product will retail at $799.


Samsung what?


I take back what I said about the drives being able to sell REALLY well. I think DIYers who would want the drives separately probably want more power. (But I could be wrong :upside_down_face: )

Really good product idea nonetheless, as long as there aren’t any unexpected issues this could be the next big thing :smiley:

Edit: Actually, if each motor individually is 1100W, that wouldn’t be that bad :slight_smile: (Not enough for me personally, but definitely for a lot of people)

TBF Wattage depends a lot on battery config. A DIYer would but a bigger battery on this and wattage would go up so i wouldnt worry too much about it .

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If the drives alone are fairly cheap, it might make good cruiser build or something.

would be nice if two of them drives could be used as a 4wd.
Doubles the power and doubles the fun.


That is true. It’s the current that gets turned into heat that kills the motor; I wonder if the rated wattage is at 10S voltage, meaning 26A per motor, which is pretty respectable.


10s2p. I assume samsung 22p cells so total 20a discharge x 36 nominal volts gives us 720 watts / 2 motors is where the 350 watts is coming from.

Now you can ofcourse make a 10s4p samsung 30q and 80a x 36 nominal volts = 2880 watts total but thats when you need to start factoring in heat. I am sure someone will test it. :slight_smile:


10s2p 30q Samsung cells? I might even buy two if you have them.

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I dont think they are 30q.

The Kickstarter battery is 159wh. The only samsungs that work with that math is 22p. Not bad cells and you can fly with them :slight_smile:

The other 216wh version might be 30q. the math checks out

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Ok @everyone @revel_flo has reached Max reply for new user. Oops. I am driving ATM and can’t reply much cause we it’s dangerous lol. But give me a few and I’ll go over it with Flo and get some answers. Thanks everyone for reading and giving interest


@Lunasi, can we make flo a member?


I carried a regular skateboard (in my backpack) literally around the world in the late 90s whilst travelling - OZ, NZ, Fiji, CA etc. Would have loved an airline friendly ‘bolt on’ back then. This looks like it could have been perfect !

Just updated him @revel_flo you’re good to go