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Is modifying a prebuilt board classified as DIY?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Face it, you’re an addict

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This may well be the wong audience for an objective data set

Just me or is anyone else getting jay frankenstooge vibes.

In my defense, the hot glue is a strong theft deterrent

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Sometimes. Depends on the modifications.

Replacing a broken charge port? No.

Changing the ESC and making a replacement battery? Yes.

Changing the front trucks and grip tape? No.

Replacing a broken charge port, replacing the grip tape, changing the front trucks, repairing a broken wire, changing a motor, adjusting the gear ratio, well yeah now it’s entering Ship of Theseus DIY territory.

IMHO of course

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Oh goooddddddddd look at those poor sidewalls


Man this is giving me flashbacks to my first build

Sweet, yeah. Cheap, simple, flexible,1kwh, and better than doing the things that I should probably be doing instead. Good having made a mold, this one’s way easier than the last…

This is for a mate because I’m sick of being given GTR ESC’s and motors to try to repair.

Only thing I don’t have spare is VESC’s and 12S chargers but his arms still in a sling anyway.

What you building now? Or, just buffing rust and getting to ride round on Radium’s?

Your build looks way higher quality than mine. Like, waaaay better.

I just picked up 100 scooter batteries for cheap. Each made from thirty 3Ah Panasonic NCR18650BD. Both these boards are double stacked. 12s8p in the evolve, and 12s11p in the switchblade (wished I done 16s). Managed to jam 120 of the cells in my prototipo too, fishised this weekend. That was a right prick of a job.

My goal really is to get as many boards built as cheaply ad possible and use up all those scooter batteries.


I’m done building esk8s, i’m an official ‘prebuilt modifier’ and ‘van fuckerer’ now :sweat_smile:

Removed as much rust as i could, then sprayed a rust converter on… then painted…

Then removed all the paint cos it didn’t like the rust converter and wouldnt cure :rofl:



Looks good, glad you found something you enjoy doing too!

yeah, doing things twice: Reminds me of when I’ve plastered up to existing walls without enough cleaning / sanding / whatever’s. Yes, you learn, but not things that are desirable to want to know!

I can fuckin tell you right now i do not enjoy van fuckering :rofl: but its a necessity so I perservere. It will be worth it when its done


Lol I ride in their parking lot all the time, I live 5 blocks from the Markforged HQ

The Dassault Systemes HQ is even bigger with a more interesting lot to ride in, just a little further


I’m a big solidworks fan too. You win extra cool points.

I dream of finding an abandoned mall one day.

lmao go anywhere in the US


Its so perfect you could get arrester for possession:)


Needs to just be put on a shelf as reference material lol

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Is that first deck scratched, altered and first blood for Mach 1?

Indeed. Got a little too throttle happy over a speed bump