Devolved GTX Special Edition - First Build

It’s been a long road! Started this build about 5 months ago and have learned a heap along the way!

Originally just wanted to replace the battery, but in my nature wanted to make a bigger and better battery. The dream was for a 10s6p, but was very difficult to fit in a single stack with flexible enclosure. I landed on 10s5p 30q.

The enclosure is a story unto itself, several tries and fails and only just managed to pull off the final version but destroyed the mold in the process. I heavily routed the deck (which is far too flexy and now needs additional reinforcement) and made a fibreglass enclosure from scratch.

Electronics were the hardest part for me, as before this year I had zero experience with this dark art. Many hours of research here and the other place helped me immensely as well as the odd noob question asked here and there.

I chose the DieBieMS BMS just because it seems to be a good unit. Im glad I bought 2 because in my inexperience I managed to kill both of them :rofl: One of them was working fine until I did some mods to the wiring and then it stopped working. While I was trying to figure out what happened to it, I managed to snap the USB port off it!

I put that one aside and got the new one out and managed to short it and blow a resistor. Good thing I had a spare parts board :rofl:

I used the Flipsky Dual 6.6 as I got it cheap from a local dude who abandoned his build. It works, but its annoying that it doeant have a CAN port to connect the BMS to.

Also got a metr pro in there and I’m using the Maytech R2 style remote.

Looking forward to getting the deck reinforced so I can actually ride it!

Massive thanks to everybody here, Im sure Ive learnt something from nearly all of you! This build would not have been possible for me without this place and the other so cheers!

Edit: oops! Almost forgot the killer gear drive from Idea! Required a little modding to the truck but it looks awesome!


Yooo how did you get your longboard so nice? Is it glass frit?

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So I still havent gotten around to doing the glass frit :sweat_smile: will get it done while reinforcing the deck. Texture on the skin is a happy accident from inexperience :joy:


Now that’s an Evolve killer right there. Well done!


So sexy…

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Really like the gold accents and the C3PO, starwars ftw. The geardrive looks awesome aswell :relieved:



Looks fantastic bro. I followed the enclosure build and decided fuck that. Thanks for helping me not waste my time. Get some cf on the deck and you’re good to go and obviously it will be faster than anything else because gold motors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unless of course you paint them red.

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Those mods you made to the evolve trucks… that req’d to make those gear drives fit? Hacking part of the motor mounts off?

What fabric is the print on?

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The cut on the trucks is for clearance so you can adjust the motor forward for the preload on the gears.
I have the same gear drive from @IDEA.


Thanks. Guess I’ll have to pick up a few wheels fie my dremel.

Another question… are these gear drives reversible?

Yeah you could probably run them facing forward if the holes in the mounting plate line up well enough. The holes o the drive are slotted for a bit of adjustment

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It was a bed sheet that I epoxied to the board :sweat_smile:


Lol i thought I cut it pretty cleanly, barely a hack job!

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Cheers mate! Haha it was definitely a lot of work but I reckon now ive learned some lessons it should get easier.


Lmao how resourceful of you.

Once the mold is done then the finished article can only get better with practice. I do like seeing people do tings I am too lazy to contemplate. Again nice job.

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Nah bro… not calling your work a hack job. It is clean indeed. Just the fact that we have to cut the mounts. Not a big deal and I’ve already ordered my set haha

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Deck is off to get reinforced. Here is the guts