Real physical brakes

I just looked em up, i actually love how chunky they look xD

that pretty fucking exactly what I was looking for. Now we need a modular set, so it can be adapted to a variety of trucks. Their system is built into the truck, which is not very useful for esk8s… although you could put the brake infront. That would make braking a bit awkward though.

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The speedcon slide brake seems to be discontinued, but i think its design would be better for our application. No need to adapt to every different truck, and simple enough mechanically that it wouldnt be hard to build a diy one… and you could put that magic sparky stuff on the bottom for extra cool points.

Oh! Wait! Here we go!

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That looks promising! Just probably completely useless on gravel though. And disk brakes would be infinitely cooler hahaha

I might give it a try, but I’m still clinging to my hydraulic brakes idea.

Can’t help but feel these would be shit and foot braking would be superior.


I want one now. Entirely for the purpose of having a spark button on my board.

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I feel like that could be accomplished in any other way alot cheaper and with less hassle lol

Oh yeah theyre def real expensive for what they are. Im thinkin this is a “trip to the hardware store” kind of problem. Hmmmm… this isnt something i personally could accomplish, but what about building the brakes into our motor mounts, somehow? Or if you run a single motor setup, maybe a brake mounted on the other side? Could run a diagonal setup with one motor and one brake on each truck, maybe…

I’m thinking either built into the motor mounts, or the front truck. Brakes in the front make more sense anyway.

Youre probably right, but im imagining my front wheels stopping and me flipping forward xD

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You’re not the only one.

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I’ve had disc brakes in mind for a long time too but never put it into design or sketched anything

It would add more complications to the already complex drivetrains we have

Psh, get on my level


Is that on your board? How does it work? Moar pics pls :pleading_face:

Lowguido made it work, way back in the ol wii remote days.


Same. If I had access to a cnc I might change that though.

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It was on my old scooter skateboard monstrosity… Back when my motors didn’t know how to regen.

I did use a hand brake (disc brake) on a more traditional emtb for a while but found myself never using it. I always thought it could be cool to mount the brake lever on the nose of the deck so you can lean forward and have an emergency brake in the oh shit situations.

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I somehow doubt that you have time for this in most real oh shit situations. That’s why I like the foot lever idea a lot more. Combine this with hydraulic disk brakes and we have some real stopping power at hand (foot). We just need someone to engineer it.

Aren’t all, both, of your boards equipped with spark buttons?