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Raptor owners scavenge grounds

Looking for Any Raptor Hub Outwheels , and front wheels (97mm prefered not limited too). if anyone has spare/used/worn/ - nearly trashed. Please PM me.

Addtionally looking for suggestions on Horizontal Wall racks that can hold the Raptors weight. 2-3 Decks total if anyone has suggestions there.

Explain what you just said.


Hahahahaha wrong thread

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@glyphiks we fucking talked about this, mate.


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Man oh man… Can’t wait for a new functional urethane wheel for my raptor 2.1 (90mm 97mm I will take anything so I can board again.)

Great if the new wheel incorporates cooling for the hub motor.

Thanx for the ones looking into this and helping us out.


(SOLD!) Just posted my partially-complete board for sale. Hopefully I’ve got the price right and somebody can benefit from having the board as-is, but can part-out the board if that’s what people prefer.

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Thanks dude!

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No problem…I will pull mine. GLWS!


Hey man I bet thiers lots of people who have no clue about this forum, I bet if you made a youtube video lots would need wheels ill buy 3 as i got the worst of it buying last year just found out and im still on my original thane so im terrified rn as i spent 2.3k like all the many raptor 2 buyers


Seriously I only found this after scouring the internet on a related forum and someone gave me a reply but I looked throught lots of forums

Oh fuk pleas !!!

Hey Mike-

Bumped your account so you’re not limited on posting or messaging. I hope you find what you need here. Welcome!

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Which other forums?

I don’t have YouTube friend sorry. Maybe can help to share to other friend.

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I could make a video with some other local eskaters, there is a brand new car-free road next to the Schelde river where I live.

Do friend have dimension of motor?

I can get you exact dimensions if you wish.

It should be in those step files i posted above?

No is only insert piece for wheel.

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If have for now can start verify design.

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