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Random thoughts

Just realized sticked posts go away if you read them.

I just thought these posts were always on top regardless:

But opened one on accident, then hit page down, then returned to front page and it was gone.

Anyway, maybe we can use this thread to talk nonsense. Should still be tangentially related to esk8 stuff tho…

edit. actually, isn’t there like a “today I learned” thread? someone point me to it, i’ll delete this one.


Am I the only person that gets excited when they see someone on a long board? I always wait to see if they kick or not. Definitely disappointing if I see them push…Im Always on the lookout for a fellow lunatic


There are some e skaters in aix en provence lately, I met one Wowgo 3, one Elwing board, one Ego 2… Only the Elwing rider had a helmet tho. For a single hub motor it did climb a moderate hill pretty well, I was surprised!


i always look to see if it’s a esk8. feels like trying to look down a girl’s shirt when i was a teenager (and still now?), but without the guilt.


been meeting up with some general use esk8 guys and their boards are pretty capable. but out of the box capability was never the issue. it’s range and long-term dependability that’s the problem. for every pre-built guy out there, there’s the same number of dissatisfied people with broken boards.

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I’ve truly seen less than two-handful of Esk8 riders out in the wild, and we’re always going in separate directions.

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Elwing came on here, dropped a link and bounced. Never to return again.


Every day this asian guy rides down the same heavily congested road I do, except he rides a Boosted Mini at full speed with no helmet against traffic while wearing a suit and carrying a brief case. It’s strange to say the least :joy: