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This forum is the place to discuss everything that matters in the esk8-verse. Not only are article comments and discussions happening here from articles on, but also general discussions about anything esk8 related.

This is a fresh community and will grow over time, and as such, its policies and organization will evolve and mature. But for now, we’re just kind of winging it, so sorry in advance for anything terrible you find. Just let us know and we’ll try to work it out. We’re still building this thing. Terrible will probably happen along the way.


Hey, why the decision of creating this forum instead of sticking with Electric Skateboard Builders ?
This will just separate the community even more, and make informations harder to find !
I really don’t get it, it looks exactly the same !

Has there been anything going wrong on the other forum ? Dispute or something ?


Have you not seen Jason being a manchild, he is censoring the forum

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I’ve heard that it happened, but only read it once (which still is bad)
Ça va être un beau bordel ma couille

Might want to go browse .builders then. Maybe even check the lounge, picture/response thread. And quite a few more.

You read it once because he just kept deleting stuff and banned multiple members.



Thank you for picking an easy name this time


:脸红:Dear friends, everyone!


Hey guys, a little bird sang about a banner, it read go to or die, so here I am.

Also, nobody replied to my topic, so I thought everyone must have followed the migration path.


I’ve made it here from the ‘other’ forum… was wondering why it was quiet over there…


Yeah its been super dead

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Welcome. What was your handle on the other forum? Mods here can match your trust level on that forum.

Same here… @JamieT

Oh wait… seems that I’ve done enough and just created a post in the build category


Is that a important thing to do? I got the same nick if someone can arrange that. I was a regular there but the forum kinda died. Now I get why :smiley:

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Done. Welcome to the other sideeee…

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Lol, I already did it :smiley:

Lay off the Wacky Tobacky, Maner.


I swear I bumped him to regular, oh well Alzheimer’s is setting in :smiley: