Ramm Boards MTB R1

OK, so I have posted a few images of the prototypes, both here on the forum and a small number social media group sites. The response was overwhelmingly positive and a little surprising, as the deck shape is a little different to most, it doesn’t have a flat surface on it. (with the exception of the mounting tabs of course).

As a result of these social media posts, I received several questions, the most common being….

  • When is it available, can I reserve one?
  • Can I top mount a battery box?
  • How much will it cost? :wink:

Initially the design/concept was for an underside enclosure and deck combo only, but it seems some would like an MTB top mounted style version. So, as we continue to refine the underside enclosure + deck version, we will release a purely MTB version. This version will have a slightly more slimline mid-section, to reduce the weight a little (and because @rusins pestered me), as we do not need the width across the entire deck for a top mounted MTB.

The design………

The MTB R1, (still trying to think of an original name) has all you would expect from a quality MTB deck, with a planted stance position and large foot placement area, (suitable for bindings if desired). This deck however has been designed specifically as an eskate mountain board, featuring …….

  • large aggressive footwells to help lock you in during moments of extreme acceleration and sharp braking.

  • super wide deck (10.5 inches) to provide a stable and comfortable platform to support your feet on the longer rides. (especially for those with big hoofs, @glyphiks )

  • cutaways at the mounting tabs to allow ample space for motors, pulleys, gear drives, lights etc.

  • a composite maple layup, with multiple fiberglass layers and a single layer of carbon fiber. This is to ensure the deck is incredibly strong, to allow for the additional load an eskate carries, but with adding as little as possible to the thickness or weight of the deck. The composite layup also provides additional rebound/pop and halts any deformation of shape.

Other features/specifications…

  • a W concave to assist with the transfer of riders weight and control balance.

  • a symmetrical design with 30degree mounting tabs at each end (the balanced, happy middle ground)

  • coil camber mid-section, to provide the power and pop to the deck.

  • Top veneer will simply be dyed black, this method allows the color to seep all the way through the veneer, the wood grain will still be visible. The Ramm Logo will be placed on the top center of the deck in white.
    Underside of the deck will have some stunning artwork by “dT Board Graphics” (3d render below)

(if you wish to purchase a naked deck, please let me know asap and I’ll put a deck to oneside)

This MTB version will have two models “stiff” and “stiffer”. Both models are incredibly strong and the prototypes have taken my weight, (i’m 6,3 and 100kg+, need to work on my bikini bod for the summer ) with ease. The stiffer model has an extra layer of maple veneer. Both models flex and rebound nicely, the choice here is more about your own preference, your size and riding style.

Availability / production schedule…

We have a batch of 50 now in production, (15 of which are already allocated) Completion and delivery of these decks is still some time away, not expected until late January, early February, (Christmas and holidays add to the delay). Please do not pre-order if you are not willing to wait or intend on sending emails each week for updates.

This first batch will be distributed from here in Perth, Australia. Unfortunately, for most, Perth is a long way away, so shipping is an expense you might like to think about. As mentioned in my original post, if you wish to purchase a deck and save considerably on costs, I would recommend a group buy (if the demand is there), so the decks can be shipped in batches. This is why I am creating this topic, so any potential buyers can organize it.

For individuals wishing to purchase/pre-order a deck, the Rammboards.com website will be up and running in the next couple of days. You can order from there.

Initially I didn’t intend on taking pre-orders, but I find myself reserving the decks anyway.

Firstly, I have a new appreciation for anyone that tries to bring a product to market, especially those that design it from scratch, It can be incredibly tough and this has to have been one of the most frustrating projects I have ever undertaken.

Most of the DIY enthusiast here are strongly opinionated and would be totting up materials used etc, I’m not going to go into detail about where I spent money in this project and the how and why, It has been over two years in development and at times I just considered giving up, indeed I did for a time. It has been fully funded by me, a DIY eskate enthusiast like yourselves.

So enough, the cost quoted is in USD, each deck will be $295 to joe public, but esk8.news members will receive a 10% discount. If you group buy I may renegotiate a little, but you should only be aiming to make substantial savings on the shipping, not the cost of the decks.

Anyway, that was a long post, this deck may not float everyone’s boat, but I am trying to add something a little original to the eskate mix.

Naked prototypes in the wild, (posted elsewhere on this forum)


I think this looks super cool, and I love the wide wing, slim center design.

Might have missed it but how flexible is it, will it be a comfortable experience like a medium haero bro or a hard one like a stiff deck

Price is pretty decent too although I’m concerned about shipping cost to USA lol


I’ll do some videos of the two flex options, I’m 6foot3 (195cm) and over 100kg, so perhaps not an average size/weight. I’ll find a better “average” skater size dude to do the bouncing


Gotta love that W concave!
Can’t wait to see some nice builds come out with this deck…


Love the design! The artwork and colors look great!

Bit of an odd question, but how thick is the deck? Like in mm.

Also, what vesc enclosure did you use in this pic?


Looks like the 3DS one


Ooooh baby! Its happening! Nice work bro!


@Adstars can we get a deck for our OG Aussie esk8 dude @glyphiks so he can build something amazing :star_struck:
I’ve been following you for a while and I love your work :call_me_hand:

can u post a pic standing on it

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Holy damn, the new shape looks absolutely stunning!!! :exploding_head: :heart_eyes:

@BigBen any chance you wanna make an enclosure for this more narrow version anyway? For those people who don’t need a 100-cell bottom mounted batery lol

If not, I will patiently wait for the bottom mount version :slight_smile: Not that I need a new board, but fuck it, this excites me too much :smiley:


This is beautiful! Is anybody gonna set up a group buy to the US?

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Damn it. This thing looks amazing as I said earlier.

My only concern is a enclosure… I am not able to make one so if @BigBen or anyone else can confirm that the enclosure will be made I will take 2 decks in preorder ( clean ones without any print or black paint on top please )

It seems that so far only me and @rusins arw interested in Europe but I am sure more users will order over time. So group shipping should not be an issue.


I’m from Portugal and i will probably buy this deck with bottom enclosure, also clean without any black paint but if possible with the logo in black.



The deck thickness is roughly 13mm and 15mm(just under) for the two models.

@ShutterShock is correct, the ESC enclosure is the @3DServisas new mini enclosure Compact Uni-Box – 3DServisas


@Nacho I had already reserved/promised a deck for @glyphiks for him to sample. I was thinking of sending him a prototype, but I’ve drilled a few holes in them all now, so even he might struggle to make them look sweet again. I should quickly change his reserved deck to a naked deck, as I’m sure he will want to skin it.


Send me the proto dude! I can clean up any sins you have committed and gives you one more pristine deck for sale :ok_hand:


I was gonna say you got the skills to fix because your going to skin anyways :call_me_hand: and test it out glyphiks style


Absolutely beautiful deck, can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

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This is really cool to see, great work!


RammBoards.com is now up and running, taking pre-orders for the MTB R1.

Code ESK8NEWS for 10% off as promised