RAMM Board "SLR" (anyone interested in a prototype?)

OK, so where to begin.

I have been building and playing with esk8 for a couple of years now.

My first build swapping out parts from my GTX onto a landy switchblade 40 and adding an 10s8p pack.

and my last build being a Lacroix DIY

As many of you have done, I purchased all sorts of tools(toys) and gizmo’s during my eskate adventures, from 3d printers to spot welders. This “hobby” comes with a steep learning curve and i’ve made plenty of mistakes during the course of my builds but enjoyed it all. I’ve also become a member of a great community here in Perth.

So where am i going with this?, well, I am now in the process of manufacturing a very small run of specific eskate designed custom decks. This deck design is not going to be for everyone, as it’s a mountainboard hybrid and will be one of the widest decks available. I decided to design my own deck, as i struggled to find an “off the self” product that met all my requirements.

So a couple of design details.

  • it is roughly 11.5 inches wide.

  • 37 inches long tip to tail, with a standing platform of 27inches.

  • deck has an aggressive concave and footwell to lock you in, but with a very very slight w-concave to allow you to quickly shift weight.

  • deck consists of maple + 2 layers of carbon fibre to reduce distortions and any warping over time.

  • the enclosure is designed to take the following battery configuration, 12s6p of 21700 cells (my preference) or a 12s7p of the 18650 cells.

  • the enclosure will be made of carbon fibre, (this option is expensive in comparison to say PC or fibreglass, so perhaps this may change depending on feedback).

The deck and enclosure is designed as a long range cruiser deck. The deck is currently being built by a quality bespoke deck manufacturer in Utah. The manufacture of the enclosure is being negotiated with a number of potential suppliers.

The plan is to get perhaps 10 or so of the deck made up in the first run and if there is enough interest, perhaps more.

I don’t have an exact price per unit yet, but be warned, this will not be a cheap option as I am looking for a premium build and don’t wish to reduce the quality for the sake fo a few bucks.

If you are interested in this deck and enclosure, let me know.

(please ignore the CAD model of the trucks in the images below, that part was very quickly drawn up, for illustration purposes only.)

oh and i’ll explain the name “RAMM board SLR” in a later update.



So…basically a 2019 lacroix without the beauty of hypertrucks


Don’t be so quick to hate. It’s an mtb deck with a bottom battery enclosure… There aren’t too many shapes that fit our requirements. He made the claim that it’s differentiated by an extra wide deck. I’m happy more options are being offered. This is just a deck, not a prebuilt.


It is similar, but the deck is a hybrid of the landyachtz switchblade 40 and a mountain board.

I have a DIY Lacroix and it is an awesome board and kit, the deck is beautiful, but the deck design isn’t ideal for me. I missed the footwells from the switchblade and like the idea of a more aggressive concave.


I’m not hating :rofl: if someone can make a comparable and shave dollars off the price, I’m all for it :slight_smile:


I get you. It’s why I was rather speaking of the lonestar board

Excellent. Now about that infamous “price”. I’ll be keeping an eye out.


That’s also a good reason, as to land the new Lacroix here in Australia, it’s around the $7000 mark, (with import duty, license fees, shipping etc.)


Ouch…I live 20 esk8 minutes away from the lacroix shop :confused:
If I can get the budget for the board itself, i can locally pick it up

Definitely interested to hear more once you have pricing information. Nice work!


How many plys of maple are you going for? Seems like it’s going to have much less flex than the prototipo but I’m assuming it will still have some if you’re designing your enclosure that way. I really wanna know how you’re gonna differ yourself from being a LaCroix clone.

Pretty interested in all of this. Let me know if you need an average as fuck builder for testing :wink:

The guys manufacturing the decks are shipping me three versions initially, all with differing number of layers. We will test and perhaps I may offer options dependent on rider weight.


Any fiber layers in the deck? I love me some.maple but dam do i love the strength and weight of a mixed deck.


looks interesting keep us up to date i might be down to give one a shot

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And he said he’s gonna try different number of layers depending on riders’ weight. Pretty cool if you ask me


Definitely interested depending on price!


Always glad to see a large battery setup for range addict like me.


Ah I see the footwells you are mentioning, those must lock you in really well

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Hopefully it will make you feel that way. I’ve been playing with the design for a few months. Getting feedback from the deck manufacturers and some of the local eskate community. (Roger, Adam(me),Matthew, Max, Mark, …where the name RAMM comes from)


If your giving away some boards for testing, hit me up :wink: I’ll go ride with friends who have the lonestar coming

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