RAMBO | Subsonic Century 40 | Haggy Bergmeisters | Eboosted Enclosure | 2x 6374 190kv

Even before The Eskate Enterprise left dry dock, my speed demon DJ cousin wanted something on par to keep up with me. Actually, he just wanted the same damn board, except red. And it was to be known as Rambo. :joy:

Once again, Subsonic made a beautiful deck and @eBoosted’s enclosure fit like a glove.

For this build, I used @Kaly cell fuse PCBs for a faster and safer build. I’ve done a lot of testing with the same size nickel strips and destroyed plenty of cells for science… and my ability to sleep at night. I definitely sleep better with cell fuses.

This was an overnight speedbuild… so we thoroughly wrecked my shop in the process


We used some removable grip tape for testing… hence the crude finish in earlier photos:

Final testing in Cleveland, Ohio:

I discovered a spot on the sensor of my Panasonic GH5… so why not ride from the park to a camera shop?

Nothing new here… same specs, slightly improved construction from the original. Either way I’m just so happy with the stability of these boards!


Man thats bad was - really though I was hopping for a Italian Stallion with a gun in his hands on the deck. What lights are those. That deck sure is dope

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I told him that we need to add custom grip tape soon. :joy: The front light is a temporary shred light mount, and the rear is this:
BikeSpark Auto-Sensing Rear Light https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J1WLLX4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0sgHDbF91H681

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Looks great man! You ever come towards Dayton or Cincinnati hit me up. Cbus is right in the middle but I don’t know any good places to skate haha

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I sure will! I love Cincinnati but have not gotten to ride there yet. Columbus is great… I’ve logged a lot of miles on the Scioto and Olentangy trails.

Wonderful build ! Gorgeous deck !! Enjoy now :smiley: :+1:


Wow, another GH5 lover and coincidentally a Subsonic Century rider, I feel the brotherhood is growing big :grinning:

I’m in love with this camera, just finished this b-roll from my friend’s kids birthday.

Sorry Admin to post things non esk8 related


No need to apologize… and that is too funny! Are you using a speed booster with the GH5? Very nice work as always. :grin:

No speedbooster, I bought a Sigma 30mm f1.4 with micro four thirds mount, it has a beautiful bokah. With the speedbooster you need to add another expensive device which is not cheap and rattles to the small Gh5 form, I like to keep it simple and not worth it for me just to add one stop of light.


So dude. Your awesome builds have me looking at this deck. Help me out. How long is the standing platform? How wide is it in the back narrower part? Need to know if the enclosure I already have will fit. Thanks

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You have a good 24.5” of flat standing platform. 25.5 through the radius of each curve.

About 9.25” where the back of the platform begins to curve inward.


Wait, you mean the most narrow part? I’ll check that shortly…

Your answer is perfect. Appreciate the super quick response. I just now ordered another Rayne Demonseed 42 to set up with my TB 160s. the standing platform is 28" which seems ridiculous, but after riding that other shorter boards are feeling cramped.


What did you end up with as a final mounting option for the shredlight on the front?

I kept using elbow brackets since they are cheap and easy to bend. On my board (Eskate Enterprise) they hold up with no issues or sag. I really need to crank out some CNC wedge riser mounts for the spring.

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Wheels and deck tinted with a fine red wine - love the cleanliness and presentation of this build! And the overnighter speed build?! Epic quality for such short time - great work, Josh!

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Thanks! It was well planned so I was happy with how quickly it came together.

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@agentdev off topic, but I’m in Cleveland tomorrow (Monday) - can you recommend a good loop to ride? Not really familiar with Cleveland, only Youngstown. Think I have 18miles on my pack, obviously shorter is cool.


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I really enjoy the bike trails near Edgewater Park and Edgewater Beach. You can ride to Ohio City, then across the bridge towards Progressive Field downtown.

I tend to start in either of these spots:

Cleveland Script Sign - Edgewater Park

Parking near West Side Market in Ohio City


So this is the photo I received today. :man_facepalming: :joy:

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