Radium R6 trucks & Thane belts

Depending on the setup, 2.5 to 5 points should do it but you can go more


i can’t run my gear drives reverse mount even with 6355 cause it collides with the hanger a significant amount.

forward mounting doesn’t allow for anything basically above near 0° angle cause it’ll collide with the deck/brackets, still on 6355 on turns

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Skill issue

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Someone will make a 3 gear drive and save us I’m sure. For now belts it izzz

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i thought about 3gs

but i’m here for #weightreduction and simpler drive

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And this is why we went with belt drive.

Light weight, simple, no clearance issues and supports any size wheel.

Thane belts help to reduce the drawbacks of typical rubber belts.


'thane belts.
rubber wheels.

this is just some contrarian marketing scheme trying to win over skate punks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Turning eskate upside down :metal:


trucks! :pleading_face:

What trucks? This is thane belts thread.

Still being machined. Looking like they will be ready closer to end of the month.


oh :sweat:

that’s lookin too close for comfort rip

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Fly to china to pick up a set urself :joy:

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I told u it was risky lol

i got a backup :triumph:

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Ive been riding these thane belts for a few weeks now. Essentially daily. Ive been running them on the rear of the 4wd. I ride gravel essentially every day and get stones embedded in the belts like clockwork, it often ends in frayed belts and scarred sections of the belt. Failures are a regular feature, not so much the front, but the rear takes a beating.

I did manage to seriously damage one, not quite sure how, it kinda cut and the guts of the belt poked through. Its interesting to note that while i knew it was damaged, i continued to ride home for about 10km and while the belt skipped a little, it refused to snap. Not normally an issue for me.

The other one i have is going strong and shows no signs of wear or stone embedment. In the same period im on my second rubber belt since the thane one was cut.

Interestingly, when the board was new, i had a lot of skipping on 15mm belts so i changed pulleys to 20mm and was fine. These are 15mm but i cant make them jump even on hard braking downhill.


@Tony_Stark any chance we can get these magical Polyurethane belts in 420?

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Planning to get them made in more sizes but need to see some market interest first. Let’s see how we go clearing the existing stock after some marketing.


Am loving the thane belts, swapped from 20mm rubber to 15mm thane. Feels more immediate particularly braking, no skipping, and wear wise holding up well, but big plus for me was the free roll - 20 to 15 gotta be part of it but just looking at the belts there is less slop and friction regardless of width. Acoustics pleasing too when paired with radium motors!