Radium R6 trucks & Thane belts

So just gauging interest before we go live with this limited pre-order batch.

We’ve been working on these trucks for the last couple of years. Its taken 6 iterations to get to this point where I can finally sleep at night (for now).

The first design we tried was pretty incredible but unfortunately too expensive and transmitted road vibrations like a channel truck. We then re-designed from scratch to achieve low cost and great comfort, but then ended up with terrible handling. Eventually after some more revisions and prototypes we ended up with Mk6 having learned a lot about what makes a truck feel good or not. With this design I am quite happy with the compromise between comfort, stability and agility, as well as cost (just $435 USD including motor mounts).

The most expensive part of the trucks is the axles because they are safety critical and need to be very high strength as 8mm axles are not really suited to eboards but I refuse to abandon them for now. But there will also be 10mm axles as an option too.

These are the same trucks that we are running on the prototype Radium boards and we will be keeping the design the same for production as they feel awesome and I can never go back to normal RKP after riding these. I can’t wait to hear what other people think after trying them!

So let us know if you’d be interested in joining the pre-order so we can get an idea of what the demand is like and who gets first dibs if more than 15 are interested.


is that a dual board side bushing position? :eyes:


…I’d be down for a version without motor mounts.


Id be down for a set


Yeah what’s the hanger profile? :eyes: :gear:

Edit: I didn’t scroll far enough, here are specs:


    60 degree front, 30 degree rear pivot angle
    +3 mm rake for increased grip and responsiveness
    Precision CNC milled from 6061-T6 Aluminium
    Super high strength 4340 tempered steel axles
    3 deck mounting locations to optimize wheel & motor clearance
    Brace protects motors from impacts and enables ultra light motor mount design
    Stepped bushing seat provides additional stability when using Riptide Tall Chubby bushings.
    Fits maximum 6485 size motors.


    Motor adjustment travel: 8 mm
    Motor mount center to center distance: 111 mm
    Effective hangar width: 237 mm
    Rake: +3 mm
    Axle length: 48 mm
    Hangar profile: 20 x 20 square (minimum 3 mm chamfer)
    Deck bolt pattern: 63.5 x 41.275 mm (the larger one)
    Ride height: 60 mm
    Weight (front truck): Approx 700g
    Total weight with both trucks and motor mounts: Approx 1700g
    Bushing compatibility board side: tall bushings
    Bushing type road side: Any
    Motor mounting pattern: 44mm

Says 20x20mm with 3mm chamfer I believe



would be sick to see these on a semendeed…


These look amazing! I would be so down for a set when they’re available


I hate you…

I love you…


Only one board side bushing. You can restrict the turning quite a lot with tall chubby bushings but I’m running tall barrels as I like rear steer and its still pretty stable. Tall chubby just take the stability to the next level where it feels planted AF.

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We can do that. I’ll work out the price for that soon



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Interesting! It seems the kingpin runs parallel to the boardside bushing and not throigh it. Perhaps why @frame thought it was dual boardside positions. Reminiscent od thos new newbeee rtkp or w.e. theyre called trucks. Am i correct or am i just tired n blind? Od be interested in the reasoning with that, howzat affect handling and what was the inspiration?


Absolutely I thought they’d never drop but it has to happen now

Seems to be closer to Valks than PKP/TRKP

Seriously nice work. I bet they look real fine irl!


Sign me up cause



Damnit man, I don’t know how I’m gonna talk myself out of these. I’ve got the perfect deck for them too :see_no_evil:

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3DS uses a 20x20mm hanger profile too… would gear drives be cross compatible?


What deck do you have? I’m worried about the narrow width (and these being RKP rather than RTKP or TKP) causing wheelbite with Radium wheels or larger on most decks.

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Looks like they certainly may be. I’ll have to have a chat with @3DServisas as I was hoping someones gear drives will fit the 20x20 profile. The issue would probably more be around motor clearance with the short center distance.

I did it on Mk4 for ground clearance initially. I wanted the bushings inline with the axle to reduce hangar movement in the unwanted direction, but this meant the road side bushing would be too close to the ground, so I moved it forwards but kept the board side bushing inline with the axle since this bushing is the most important one with rider weight pressing down on it. But on Mk5 I learned that having the bushings split also provides a very strong center feel so I kept it for Mk6. Did you get all that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@rusins I’m going to test fit these trucks on my bustin sportster with radium wheels tomorrow and see what the clearance is like. I pretty much moved the mounting holes as far away from the axle as I felt comfortable with to maximise wheel clearance but I’ll soon find out if it was enough.