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Puck, Puck, Bruce! - A Remixed Hoyt St Electric Puck Remote Control

Hey people! Wanted to share a recent project we’ve been working on- actually a collaboration project with our friends @JJHoyt & Pete- the manufacturers of the beloved Puck Remote Control!

Happy to share the Puck, Puck, Bruce! Remote project- this is a remixed shell design based on the OSRR Bruce design. There was a lot of iterative design & feedback with community members who graciously printed out design primitives to give input to make this remote work out great for a wide range of hand sizes. It looks a bit weird at first- but there are a number of folks who can attest to the ergonomics & grip/homing afforded with this design.

These are professionally printed out of MultiJet Fusion Nylon- the good stuff.

Want one? Cool! Couple of options:

If you want to buy the entire Puck Puck Bruce remote, pre-assembled & ready to go:…/puck-puck-bruce-remote-control

If you own a Puck remote already AND a 3d printer , and want to upgrade your existing remote:

As part of our open source mission, we’ve published all relevant 3D Shell Models under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 Intl OS License- all the design revisions are available free for anyone to print, use, or remix however they see fit. They can be found here on our GitHub:

If you just own a Puck Remote and would like to purchase a Puck Puck, Bruce Mod Shell Kit, you can do so here:…/puck-puck-bruce-mod-shell-set

Please let me know if you have any questions! We have the option to do custom orders for custom color schemes (at additional cost + lead time), please PM me for details. Cheers!

PS- If you’d like to check out the design & iteration process, read more here:

Bonus custom Pink & Black:

(custom colors are possible via special order, PM for details)


Do you have a bundle with a receiver?

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Yessir! Check the drop-down on the product page for options.


Hands down my favorite remote ever until the release of the OG Bruce


@Jujo was the real MVP for putting in countless printing hours, printing/donating shells to local homies, & giving feedback on this design :wink:

That was a quick 30 days


Do you think the guys at Hoyt would be down to make a bamboo/wood version of this? It looks dope


It has indeed been discussed. We have our hands full at the moment but def something to consider as we move forward. Stay tuned!


I’m trying to get my 2 toned look just right on mine


I will keep my eye out!


Can’t wait till mine shows up! Everyone can stop shamming my love of the nano now.


thanks for the opportunity to own one of these, I was looking at the puck but the round shape had me worried about it moving around in my hand, after seeing this one I jumped on the chance to purchase, thanks again can’t wait to test it out.

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PPB Mod Shell kits Batch 2 have sold out!

Production for a 3rd batch of MultiJet Fusion Nylon PPB Shells was started today.


This mod is kind of awesome.


@DRI Put me on the list for the batch 3 shells. Fluck remote feels pretty good compared to Puck

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Do you need meaty mitts to hold this? It looks like its way bigger than my fist

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it’s mostly tight around the original Hoyt internals.


I’ve got them small dick hands, the Bruce Puck feels great :+1:



It is slimmer than the puck, and the backside of it slopes more with your hand.

Circumference wise the middle finger protrusion is larger than the puck.

Two things- gloved hand vs ungloved hand is quite different. These were designed around gloved hands.

For anyone who feels that this design might actually be too small, we have a simple TPU printed sleeve that pops right on and makes the grip just a bit larger.


@Mikenopolis you rock! Thanks for the test print comparison!

Will do! Production is already started on that 3rd run, just waiting until they give me a shipping notification before I open orders on that batch.

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