Problem with vesc6 forgetting settings


So whenever I put some setting and on the vesc from either acinmaniac tool or vesc tool the vesc works for a while then when I turn the board on an hour later it has forgotten all its settings

The other vesc is fine but when I upload vesc settings onto the app it comes up with default settings

Why would this be and how can it be resolved


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No actually I went through the whole acinmaniac setup like shown on another thread but it just doesn’t work

It’s a question thread, you put your question in the thread and it get’s answered by people who help others with questions like yours.


Thank you

I think I misunderstood the purpose of it

Also I got the hummie board which I didn’t really want

Ok and…


Gonna post it on WTS New or just sulk at it?


Personal joke between me and @Brenternet

Do you even save the settings? That’s probably the problem


yes i do

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if you open the vesc tool after one hour, do you load the settings which where written on the vesc before, or just contiune with the stock default settings?
try this:
write your settings how you want them to be
download all settings to the vesc
switch off everything
close vesc tool
wait one hour (important :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk)
switch on the vesc
open the vesc tool
connect vesc tool to your vesc
on the right side, push the button read motor settings
on the right side, push the button read ppm settings
now look what settings are displayed in the vesc tool.

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will do

I have been following your wobbly progression through this and the other forum and have come to a conclusion. You have no idea how to communicate. Not a clue. For example.
The first post was a description of a problem with your vesc6. In that post you tagged @Trampa not once but twice. This causes the impression that you want Frank to answer your question and solve your problem. Why a thread then? A thread brings down the forum on you.

Why not a pm? Hey Frank this is happening. How do I fix it?

Frank wouldn’t mind. Hes helpful and then you wouldn’t keep getting hammered at every turn. Before you decide to open a new thread for every little thing, think first and examine how or indeed who you would like to help you and then post accordingly.




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one of each

the 6 is fine

the 6 plus isnt

VESC 6 PLUS should only run with original VESC-Tool FW.
Best thing to do: Re-Program it via SWD Prog. Use the working VESC 6 to flash the non working VESC.

Interconnect both SWD ports (GND, IO, CLK only), cables not longer than 8cm. Power both units, open SWD Prog tab in VESC-Tool, hit connect, choose VESC 6, hit upload.

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k will try later

Rip both those VESC’s. It was good knowing you spawn of Benjamin :vulcan_salute:


why? both are working, he can just flash the firmware the normal way or just read the settings first instead of loading the default settings each time he connect to the vesc…

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Got the same issue, from the 1st Beta version, it happens sometimes… (luckily it was on my slave)
It happen under different original fw, it could be fine during a year, and them, blop, nothing more !
swapping master and slave already done etc …

I have reported this while ago, during the testing of the beta, but never get an answer to this!


PS : never happen with my ESCape yet :crossed_fingers: or other VESC4.12