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Enertion Vesc x Problem

Hey guys. I recently, and accidentally, blocked to enertion vesc x by uploading the wrong firmware. I bought an st-link and found the correct files to swap the bad firmware with. However, I can’t seem to get the right pin configuration to connect the stlink and vesc. I was wondering if anyone has done this before and could help? Thanks

Maybe that will help you

You could also just flash it via swd port and vesc tool if you have a working vesc on hand.

I actually do have a working vesc on hand! Doing it that way seems like it would be easier, do you know how I do it?

Thanks so much for helping btw

That’s about it. Plus, hit the disconnect button after the upload is finished.

Edit: I never tried it with hw 4.12 like you have and don’t remember if there files for it to choose. Definitely check that before. You don’t want to upload hw6 files on yours. Will just bring you to the point you are right now.

Okay thanks. Where would I check to see if there are the correct files I should upload?

When you in the swd programmer and successfully connected than there should pop up some options in the main window like file for vesc wand remote, vesc6 etc.
Unfortunately I’m not at home to check that by my own and don’t remember which files listed there, but I’m sure you will figure that out easily.

Okay so it says connect GND, IO, CLK pins, but I can’t find anything other than the GND. sorry I am kind of a noob, this is my first time working with vescs.

Open up the cover. In the middle of the pcb you will find ports without jst header.
You will need to plug a jst header there or solder the wires on the ports. Same like you would need to do with the st v2 link.

Okay I put a header in. Do you know which pins are which? Sorry to bombard you with questions

It’s written on the pcb too or from the down.
You should see it as soon as you opened the cover and took out the pcb.