Possible issue with Torqueboards motor mounts

My torqueboards motor mounts bent after about 50 miles. I went with TB mounts for my first diy because I heard that they were supposed to be high quality. I can’t say that I’ve been abusing them because I weigh about 115 lbs, I have two 6355 motors on them, and I ride pretty conservatively. Another diy guy in our esk8 group had his mounts bend after his first few miles. We can’t be the only ones with these issues right?

(The 2nd picture shows the TB mounts on top of some new janux mounts)


How tight are your belts?


I’ll be honest bruv, you were suppose to use the crossbars with those mounts. If you had they would have never bent. Just saying


there might’ve been half a centimeter of movement give or take when I pressed on them

See @J0ker above. I didn’t notice the missing crossbars. 0.5 cm when you press should be fine.


That’s not a legitimate claim when the crossbars are sold separately and multiple other companies do not need a crossbar to stay rigid. If they’re required, they’re included, elsewise it’s an option.

I mean 6354’s bending mounts? That’s pathetic.


The v5 and v6 are meant to be run with the crossbars as their center to center distance is greater. It’s common sense. It has places for cross bars, no? Not naming any names, but if some research was done, this could’ve have been avoided completely.

I feel for the OP, I really do. I had the same thing happen to me with 2 Janux’s earlier mounts. It happens. Hopefully he can get it sorted out. But to say Dexter is putting out crap when the OP clearly didn’t use the cross bars on an elongated mount is kind of shitty to me.


I have the same exact motor mounts and they are tough as shit, I feel that may be a bad batch. I rode with my belts a little tight and rode pretty hard and they are strait as an arrow, no crossbar. I’m just selling mine to get mounts for Trampa trucks.

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@kadeanderson are these the same mounts you rode?
BAD NEWS...Honestly, not sure what happened

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I’ll take blame for my part in not doing enough research. But I can’t for the life of me understand why people don’t hold these companies accountable for their products. Bad batches happen, and the blame is not solely on me.

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TB is one of the better companies in the game.


I couldn’t tell ya what happened to mine lol. Mine just simply went south very fast. But I believer my main issue is that boardnamics trucks and TB mounts don’t fit together properly. Which is not their faults.


Never said that. Again I feel for you. However i’ve owned a good bit of TB stuff and have had minimal issues with them. Shit happens.

If it a legitimate bad batch then good catch for pointing it out. But if it truly just from lack of knowledge, learn from it.

When fully tightened clamp on a TB clamp is tightened onto a boardnamics hanger its tight but comes loose very easily. Just a heads up to others. Not bagging on either company, but just so others don’t make my mistake


Preach it lol


You could’ve hit it against something and because there were no cross bars it bent.


2 people having bent mounts doesn’t make for a bad batch, especially when at least 1 set wasn’t properly installed (without cross bars).

I think the proper way to handle this would be to contact @torqueboards directly.

I feel your pain, I’ve had issues as well and felt like I did nothing wrong. That being said, using the proper channels will get you more results than using public posts with BS titles.


Also another thing I learned was with such long mounts, I mean they are decently long, if you tighten your belts too much the mounts will want to pull to the side of your wheel. Causing a not so positive outcome :slight_smile: just some food for thought. These arnt some 10mm thick mounts. So gotta take that into consideration


PM me your order number. We’ll replace it for you.

Usually this happens due to improper alignment or installation. I do hate seeing this though so if I can prevent it I will.

Will beef up the motor mounts so this becomes impossible. :smile: :+1:


I don’t think it is manufacture defective. Honestly. 10mm would help but like I mean even the way they are, I ain’t gonna be bending those with my hands if I tried