Possible issue with Torqueboards motor mounts

Not to shit on you, just trying to further my point. Torqueboards carries stuff for experienced guys like sweet thane wheels, but they’re also the website new lads can get an entire setup on that will be plug go, everything works together, minimal level DIY and the closest thing to Ikea builds in a pre-bkb era.

No where on the standard mount 63mm mount set page does it say crossbars are recommended, and the reverse mount page doesn’t even have a description, honestly I’d like to see dex just bump the price and include the crossbars on the reverse mounts.


@Paplace get a pair of pliers and a vice, try to bend the mounts more…it should be really hard to do if the metal is good, if it bends easily then it’s a bad batch or design

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Mine did the same thing earlier this spring and TB said they couldn’t replace them. Running with some custom 1/8" thick steel mounts now with no crossbar. I’ll never go back to cheap aluminum.


I would say go for shortest CTC possible without any bite anywhere, motor should be as close to the wheel as possible, if not possible appropriate reinforcement should be employed


7075-T6 is not cheap aluminum. I use that stuff all the time in my 9-to-5. It’s got great mechanical properties.


you’ll never convince him… some people think titanium is stronger than steel…


As the motor mount daddy of esk8 (not really), I will chime in with my advice.

It is possible it could be a bad batch? Chinese suppliers will never confirm with you what material they actually use so it’s possible it’s bad material. Dickyho suffered from this problem before.

Most 7075 aluminum out of China is 6061 or some equivalent. Even if the machining company doesn’t lie to you, their material supplier could. It is a trust only system unless you can afford visiting there and testing the material yourself. Have fun with dat

You shouldn’t need crossbars unless the mounts are very long.

It is possible in the event of a rock getting in the pulley that the belt got super tight and pulled the mount. All the force on our drives is bending the mount outwards towards the wheel


I’ll just uhh,



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You gotta spend money to make money. At least that was what they told me. Lol.

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there are places that rent these things out… I guess for a big batch a few hundred dollars a day might be worth it. I don’t know logistics of any of this though, manufacturing, getting it… dunno, just know that these are available for rent and apparently it’s a business.

Edit: oh huh! here

hmm… curious… I’d like to test something but these things put out ionizing radiation so look out! :radioactive:


Thanks for taking the time to explain this.

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Will replace one motor mount, but not both when they both are bent… crazy to me that a company will lose customers over something so minuscule. Have 2 guys in our esk8 group alone that have this issue with your mounts and you don’t stand behind your products. Instead of do the right thing and replace them, you’d rather save a few bucks and lose several of us ever shopping there again. Bold strategy cotton… let’s see if it pays off.


Thanks @BillGordon for making the title sound less angry😅

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I just saw your post about the no crossbar mount. Did you fix the problem? I just built my dual TB drivetrain without the crossbar, is this bad?

I have never used a crossbar once in my life, and skate everyday.

Not saying they are bad. But they are definitely not neccessary.

Make sure you properly align the belt drive system though.


I just ended up buying new motor mounts from @Janux-esk8. I don’t know how common this is but a friend sent me this screenshot the other day. I’m not sure if even crossbars would help

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I would use the TB mounts any day over the Janux mounts.


How tight are those belts? How old are the mounts?
Not even sure material fatigue would cause that, seems really odd :thinking:

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