BAD NEWS...Honestly, not sure what happened

Let my buddy ride the board. (He’s rode many board before this) and he hit the brakes. Maybe too hard but honestly I’m not sure… board came to a full stop from this obviously.

So if anyone has 3D Sevisas 36t kegel pulleys let me know lol. Teeth on my pulleys are no good. And some new 16t motor pulleys… because my shit is screwed :sob: @3DServisas


Your ex-buddy.


What’s the damage like on the 3d servisas wheel pulley? :open_mouth:

Also, seems like your motor mount got loose. Did you use threadlocker on the bolts?

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Yes used threadlocker on all of them. Clamp bolt is legit dug into the truck hanger. It wasn’t loose but your never safe

I’ve recently had a similar issue, but instead of it coming loose, the mount itself has bent.

sweet buddy buys you new board… and all us fools go a partying on the spare ducats!!


well it’s loose now, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you didn’t let the threadlocker cure long enough, or it was too weak. I use red for motor mounts, albeit an off-brand one.

2 days but nah wasn’t loose after this. The bend you see is from the pressure of the belt pulling it because you can see it don’t look right

Is it? Mount looks straight to me; seems like the clamp got loose and is now at an angle…

Doesn’t look bent, but I guess you would only be able to tell once the fixture has been sorted

Not sure honestly. It ain’t good tho

That motor pulley is reusable. Bend the flange back almost straight and it’s fiiiine. Maybe some JB Weld. Not sure about the wheel pulley but it might be usable as well.

That motor mount, on the other hand, needs a redesign. I would not use that at all. Not the one on the other side either.

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I agree, I’ve made the decision I wont be buying more of this design as its super awkward getting to to sit straight on the hanger

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Wheel pulley can’t seat the belt now. Because the edges got frayed

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You can’t bend it back together with some pliers?

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Haha and @torqueboards is sending me new mounts :sob: that I can’t use now

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Might be able to !

bummer about the mount…

Looks like you can take a round (rat tail?) file to clean up the burrs on them pulleys.

If you still think they’re junk, I’ll take them :wink:

also… c’mon @kook how many of these kids are even old enough to remember ducats :joy:


Hahah I might beable to use a file! We will see. I don’t want to to have my buddy buy a new one. Plus shipping times :sob:. The gear is not as bad as it looks. But I could possible be able to use it. Just need to get a new little burs off.

I think I’m just gonna switch to my out mounts once they are CNCed