Possible issue with Kaly Hellcat/QIND tire combo - under investigation

Hey all, some unfortunate news, yesterday one of our local riders went down riding on the Hellcats, I have included the full excerpt of the post but first a few key points to note before responding.

*This is an experienced rider/builder the margin for user error is low but not zero
*Everything was in factory condition
*Rider is 200+ lbs
*Speed was between 25-30mph

Will post more details when available.


First an foremost I must again stress the importance of good safety gear!! Wear it, period.

I took a serious fall today (more on that in a minute), I suffered scrapes and bruises on my right arm, right side of my torso, hip, and I’m sure a few more areas that will reveal themselves in the morning. However, my gear saved my life! My head hit the ground HARD, and my Helmet did exactly what it was supposed to. Once I quit rolling and everyone was there helping me, I recalled seeing my left foot flopping around as I was spinning. It was a horrific sight. I knew it was broken, just wasn’t sure how bad… any attempt at moving the foot resulted in being able to feel the bones crunching against each other. I knew right then I needed to get to a hospital ASAP, but wasn’t ready to dial 911. The pain was excruciating, so walking was out of the question.

Everyone teamed up to get me back to the nearest place that my wife could drive up to. It was quite a sight.

helped out immensely, and there’s simply NO WAY that I could have done it without them. Thank you all so much!

Diagnosis of the ankle… the X-Rays showed that there was more than one broken bone in the left (leg / ankle) and that surgery was going to be required. However that would need to be done by an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow or the next day. The doctors at the ER put a cast on just to immobilize it as much as possible until surgery. The pain is still over the top…

Now then, what happened to cause all of this? Well, I was taking the New Hellcat wheels and wide tires out for a maiden after just getting the correct sized tubes for the tires. I was just telling everyone at lunch how incredible the ride feeling was. Then on the way back, out of nowhere the tire popped off the rim!! WTF!!! Never in the more than 1000 miles that I’ve ridden on my Lonestar have I ever had an issue with the stock setup!

Seriously, there’s nothing else that I can say about the new Hellcats and wide tires except, if you do choose to run them, be extremely careful!"


Bumping to the top!
This probably wouldn’t have happened with even wider hubs


This is scary as fuck. I hope the dude recovers soon!


Goes in for surgery hopefully today or tomorrow but yeah it was bad.


Damn! That ain’t sexy :cry:

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Ouch. Hope your friend recovers well. That sounds like a nasty crash.

Is there any further information on this? Was he not using the supplied tubes or was he sent the incorrect size initially and then sent a corrected set?

FWIW: My biggest complaint about my Hellcats so far is that the 200x75 tires themselves leave a bit to be desired in the quality department. All of mine have noticeable wobble, and coming over from Kenda k909s its hard not to notice. I just got some 200x75 Kenda slicks in, hoping those fare better.


I can share some insight on this. He was sent the wrong tube size and ended up buying the correct size tubes from another site. This is what was installed at the time. The replacement tubes from Kaly are currently in transit to him.


Okay, so it’s important to note that he was not using stock/supplied tubes on this.

With that said, do you guys have a link to the tubes he had installed?

Genuinely curious to see if we can find a root cause- I run these same wheels and have about 250-300 miles on them at this point, but definitely concerning.


I’m no expert in the matter but to me it looks like a faulty tire rather than hub.

Hopefully he wasn’t running too low psi because that will cause a tire to go out like that no doubt


He was running 34 PSI, tires say 35 or 36
And he has the digital Xiaomi pump that gives exact PSI


Is there any chance he was riding a flat tire? Looks like serious sidewall damage on there. Also I don’t see how it’s possible for the tire to come off the rim. I had to trim the inside bead of the tire just so it would fit on the hub.


My experience here too. They were TIGHT.


Definitely not flat, after the fall we had to deflate the tire to get the wheel back in the rim.


Too much air pressure will definitely tear up the bead on the tire too.
Damn. That blows


Did he trim the beads on those tires? @ReliantChris


Just asked him, I’ll let you know

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Maybe the sidewall blew first and then that little piece had room to flex and just went over the rim.


Trimming a tyre bead is not something a tyre manufacturer ever expects a consumer to do, I don’t think that’s a legit action to take on any tyre regardless of the root cause for that :point_up:

There’s a reason why a tyre bead makes tyre fitment a bitch without specialist tools on a non-split hub on any vehicle.

Hope you heal quickly with no long term problems fella


Link to the tubes he used, notice how the related items is the same tire.

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He did not trim the tires, he’s not part of the forums and wasn’t aware. He said Ernesto did not mention it to him either when they chatted.