Possible fresh start

Sup guys, I got a question for y’all…should I try to recoup all my money and make a build I would be happier with? I have a ton of parts but I’m not particularly happy with them, it’s been 7 months since I started researching electric skateboards…in that time I’ve learned so much but also sunk a lot of money into my parts. In my mind, I have a new vision of what I want to make…based on what I know it should be more of what I really want

I’ve got about $2K invested in parts (not counting tools and gear since I still need those, or basic materials as they have no resale value), and the board I have in mind is exactly $2K so in a perfect world I’d trade everything in for the new board. A lot of the stuff I got was used or garbage so I’m thinking I’ll get $1.2K back at best

What do you guys think I should do here? I’m a broke college kid with no income so it hurts to spend more more, but this is also my passion rn. Summer is a dark time for me so I really want this to make my happy but I can’t justify it. Color me conflicted

Any advice or opinions are appreciated

I can make this into a WTS thread if there is enough support for starting fresh

All the stuff I have to my name, some beat up and some not, shipping from US

  • decks (2x longboard, MTB, cruiser)
  • trucks (off road TKP w/ mounts, Paris w/ mounts, TB w/ mounts, Paris clone, cheap RKP, old channels, TKP w/ DC mount)
  • wheels (90mm ABEC 36T pulley, 100mm MBS 44T pulley, 8" pneumatic 72T pulley, damaged 8x2 rims, longboard, skateboard, dual hub w/ front)
  • sled style 12s4p 30Q w/ discharge BMS and 8a charger
  • 2x sealed MayTech 6355 (one scuffed)
  • sled style 10s2p shit cells w/ bypass BMS and 2s charger
  • Unity w/ cheap Android to replace broken data port and 2x mini remotes
  • MayTech dual plus
  • dual hub ESC w/ remote
  • 10s DC controller w/ remote, alarm, motor on half a bushingless truck, extra robotics motors
  • misc connectors, wires, hardware
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buy cheap buy twice?


Yeah that’s the one…a very expensive learning opportunity


My first line $600 of esk8 parts were a complete waste of money. I thought i was getting good stuff too… it hurts.



My first board was built via TaoBao and AliExpress.

500 dollar board, but cost 1000 in replacement parts.

Basicly rebuilt the whole board by the end.

I finally saved up enough to have a second chance and it turned out awesome.


I’ve got a shitty dual hub with an ass battery that I spend $300 on (my first) and a 2.5 in 1 that has like $1400 on it…the rest is mostly junk

The big one doesn’t work yet but I’m gonna finish it so it doesn’t haunt me before I decide to sell off the parts

How much should a really good board cost? I think $2000 is kinda high but it’s also all good parts

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7 months of research and failure has lead me to this, worth upgrading to? It’s gonna see about 1000 miles of sidewalk and 500 miles of roads each year in all weathers for hopefully 4 years. I think it’s everything I reasonably want


If you build your own battery pack, are patient about buying good parts, make all the small parts yourself (jst connectors, xt90 to dual xt60, etc.) You can build a very solid top tier board for 1500 bucks.


Looking at the list I have, how much do you think could I save by patrolling the forum for deals, waiting for sales, and making my own stuff?

If I take out all the extra stuff and tone it down a bit, the price goes down by another $650

Honestly, I wouldn’t build with that collection of parts. There’s too many weak points, to much complexity. You can spend less money and get better gear.

I’ve gotta be up at 130 to take my kid to the airport 3 hours away. PM me tomorrow afternoon and I’ll send you a couple if build sheets you can play with.


Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

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All good in the hood.


I started my first built with super cheap and some home made parts too. When I first began my budget for my first built was like $300. I don’t regret it. I guess I am a person that learn by hands on. Yes, my first, second and third built was just junk but I loved the process.

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When I built my board I did a lot of research on parts and end up getting 2 focboxes for 100 each on bf sale then the nano-x for 35 which a lot of people have had issues with but I haven’t actually and my has survived my fall last year. I had my wife buy me otang kegels for Christmas. Then bought janux mounts and wheel pulleys for 106. Then the 405 enclosure from psychotiller. My battery was built by a forum member on the builder forum and my motors where racerstars 5065. Not the best but better than other cheap motor. The deck I did myself. If you have an idea of what you want it to look like you can figure it out.

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A perfect _______ doesn’t exist. Build with whatever part you have, upgrade and learn, if learning is your passion. Else, sell and buy a pre built.


I’ve been using symmetrical decks so far (double drop, drop deck, then drop through) but I really want something with a kicktail now and a wide front, most of my rides will be sidewalks so I want to be able to have good handling (TKP and kicktail) and good riding (wide front end and pneumatics)

I could never buy a pre built, it’s just not the same

I actually don’t think $2,000 is needed to build a solid board i built this board useing what I would consider a be very nice and solid board for around $800-$900 using a mix of high and mid tier parts. It did take a few months of planning and i waited for good deals on some of the components I used to come around but at the end it was well worth it.

Also your not alone my first buildhad loads of issues and the board i linked above is the only one I’ve built that I’ve yet to have to open to fix anything.


Thanks for the pointer, I want something a little nicer but I get what you mean. I’ll revise the parts list and try to drop the price some more

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Quick question about motors, my current setup has dual sealed MayTech 6355s on 60/40 amps each and run on basically a 9s on 12/8 amps (the battery gets hella sag) but the motors are still very warm to the touch, I can hold them but it’s not too cozy…I though bigger motors might be better