Ownboard Zeus Discussion


This is what I used to calculate the range by the way, but I know either way I am going to have a lot of range basically. I am just waiting to trigger purchase a Zeus Carbon Pro

buy the p42a version. it shouldnt be a question, even for lighter riders.

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I’m around 210lb and on my P42A zeus pro I’d get around 25 miles on pneumatics, or 30-35 on smaller urethane wheels depending how I was riding.


What is the proper PSI?

Tires say 60, I have heard 40-55.

Crap answer but really it’s whatever you’re comfortable with, within the tire’s pressure range. Softer tires = more grip, more bump absorption, eats up a bit of your range. Harder tires = best range, stiffer over bumps, more likely to catch a flat from hitting something. Really best is somewhere in between. Start at 50 and work your way back.


Another question, i didnt see a thread on it but, does anyone have the ownboard bamboo at pro?

I got my zeus pro, really enjoy it BUT i want a bamboo board now.

Its on sale, and i really like to pick it up.

Only downside i see is ESC is ebclosed, and i heard about over hesting.

I cant find much info on it., does anyone know anything ?


I do!
It’s slow, the deck is pretty damn stiff but it rides like a Zeus. If you’re okay with that, pick it up. If you aren’t, stick with the carbon.

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Thanks, does esc over heat? Apprently its enclosed with no breathing room??

Im not worried about speed. Never gone past 20 mph on a board.

Haha wow. In that case I wouldn’t even worry about overheating it. My fatass was full sending the board just fine.

All 500wh options are removed from their site. Earlier today there was 500wh and 600 wh (molicel battery).

I wonder if they are going to release a higher wnd model