Ownboard Zeus Discussion

What you are going to find with Zeus is you will be able to go faster mostly because of the TKPs. They will allow you to carve while maintaining really good stability. The pneumatic tires will also make a huge difference in your ability to carve and brake. Before you know it, your average speed will be in the mid to high teens with bursts into the 20s. When you are ready, you can also upgrade the bushings to Riptide. Quality bushings will further increase the board’s stability and your ability to turn confidently at the same time.


Thata what ill need later when I start going to community meet ups. I found a group that esk8s about 3 hours away from me, once I get my board im going go.

My g3 is Good for scooting around the beach but not long rides.

Ain’t that the truth. I comfortably ride in the high 20’s (prefer 24ish) and minimum ride is 20 miles these days…also built 8 boards in the past 6 years…all that because I wanted to save some money by not buying a Boosted :joy:


Can anyone recommend me a good tool bag to put on my board? I came across this basic one on amazon. Not sure if it will fit much.

I need one big enough to fit, spare wheels/tubes, motor, pulleys and some tools.

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Why not backpack?


cargo pants


Fanny pack.


Dont want to fall and bust my spine lol.

I’m rocking one of these bad boyz as well as my backpack:

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That bag being $3.88 is so stupid, not possible without human exploitation

Then again what I’m riding isn’t either.


Really nice looking bag tho

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You’d know a thing about human exploitation, specifically regarding children



Figure out a way to clamp (or just a ratchet strap) a hard pelican box in the center of the deck?

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Thats what I usually see in videos, hard case/soft case tied down

You sir, are a genius.

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Good call going with the P42A version. You will have plenty of range and the board will be more capable than your G3 in every way. If you are concerned about range on a ride just put on the smaller a cloud wheels or even 100mm Boa’s and you’ll get plenty of range. 30+ miles easily.

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