OneWheel - VESC 6 Plus - Gyro - Force Sensor

Hi, for my next project i decided to build a OneWheel.
After reading through the web i need some more information.
The VESC 6 Plus with the MPU9250 Gyro Sensor is currently available at Trampa.
I thought about using the OneWheel XR Foot Pads or building an Velostat Sensor.
Now the question is how the VESC6 is enabled via the sensor.
I dont think the ON Switch on the VESC itself should be used for this.
So, do i have to use the COMM, PPM Connector or something like that (E.g. Emulate Remote signal)?
Is there a need to modify the firmware?


@Trampa can tell you. I wish my stomach had a food sensor.


Thx, fixed it :wink:

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paging @NuRxG
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From my (limited) knowledge, no remote or PPM signal is needed. In the app setup window of VESC tool, there is an option to set up the balance controls.

That is all, i know nothing else :joy:


Yeah, there’s a setting already for “Balance” Input for the vesc. Haven’t used it, but it’s there. Also with the vesc, it can use other control methods not limited to PPM. you could use ADC for example to have it work with any analog sensor including pots, force, or hall sensors.

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All of this functionality is already built into the balance app, which is all part of the firmware for the vesc.

If you’re using the oem foot pad.

Middle pin -> 3.3v
top right & 2nd top pins -> adc1 & adc2 doesn’t matcher which goes to which.

Then in the balance app settings you need to set the voltage threshold for what is on/off, and a min RPM for half state (one on, one off) to be trigger a fault (motor disabled), as well as a timeout delay which will be shared for both off and half off. (you can see real time data on the adc voltages in the text below the graph)

If your voltage when off is floating around 1.5 and inconsistant, then youll want a pulldown resistor.
3.3v -> sensor shared middle pin -> left sensor output pin -> pull down resistor -> ground
________________________________________-> adc 1

3.3v -> sensor shared middle pin -> right sensor output pin -> pull down resistor -> ground
_________________________________________-> adc 2

Or something like that, pulldowns always confuse me, I’m a software guy lol!
If you have more questions, you can get much better and faster answers in out telegram group chat, over 50 builders there already

Wiring is the same for velostat sensors or any sensors except you manually merge the 3.3v side of all the sensors. I will be putting more velostat sensors up for sale on my website when i get around to building them. (still slacking on my taxes and shit)

My unlisted sensor building video


Also start with vesc tool v5, its has a bunch of bug fixes, even tho its still beta i wouldn’t recommend an earlier tool for balance.


while your here, i would love a way to use an input on the vesc to switch between control modes. i would love to be able to use my board like normal but have a single button i could press to switch it into balance mode.


This has been on my mind as well, sadly the best i can offer is the “app to use” setting on the bluetooth app. Which is not soooooooo bad, if your phone is out and connected. But it is also not the dream of speeding along, and hit the button and swoop right into wheelie mode for a cheering crowd.

Sadly Im already using nearly all the inputs already, perhaps a canbus accessory can be configured to make just the necessary settings change and have a button. Coding this into the firmware would require too much refactoring i think. Get 100 users with balance mode configured and and wanting an easier switch, and maybe it will happen :smiley:


yeah my main use would be some kind of button to put my board into balance mode every time i stand it upright for easy moving kind of like an EUC. Maybe input could be instead of footswtich in this scenario as you wont be riding at the time.


that’d be awesomeness


gosh i would love to see a video of your mountainboards standing on their hind wheels @ducktaperules. is that something you might be able to activate by applying a metr profile?

@NuRxG is the trampa vesc the only esc that comes with an imu?

Mountainboard on 2 wheels:

Yes the trampa vesc 6 mk3 is the only vesc with onboard IMU.

However, the 75/300 seems to have onboard bluetooth on other pins, so i think i can make a 1 line code change to get it working with both, currently i think bluetooth on it will break if balance app is run, but 2 new balance users got 75/300s with the latest batch, so i suspect ill get complaints soon lol! I’ll have to borrow one to make sure i fix it properly. Or maybe someone else with one can figure it out.

Cheap Focer v2 will have bmi160 IMU
Stormcore has an unsupported IMU, but that will get sorted :smiling_imp: (vesc already supports 4 IMUs)
ZESC may get an IMU version? Read is thread and bug the guy making them if you’re in the market.


Might be possible to add an app of “PPM and Balance” now that I’m thinking about it. Would need to have the PPM app tell the balance app when it is not running, because the balance app sends constant “holding current” values when not balancing so that it is easier to mount board style vehicles.

Roller mode for an eboard sounds rad. Without foot switches you still have balance mode shut off at certain angles, so just throw it down to shut it off LOL!


yeah i guess it may be possible.

when stormcore arrives i think they will have IMU, also you can add IMO to most ESC’s easily.

that sounds awesome, just have it activate balance mode when within the set angle range, and if it goes outside that drop back to PPM for normal use. cant imagine many cases where a board would reach these angles in standard use. could also maybe use this set to 30 degree angle for crazy wheelie mode :slight_smile:

Also have this crazy idea of riding a MTB like normal then when i need low speed manoeuvrability you could ride it kinda like a segway by standing on the rear truck mount.


Great. Absolutly great!
Jesus. I searched through the web like an maniac and couldn’t find this specific answers.
I already thought about building additional hardware with an mcu for the sensor.
You even covered the build part of the velostat sensor itself in perfection.

I absolutly would love to buy one of yours DIY Kids!
Are you from US or EU? Do you have a day in mind when you think it will be available again?

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The VESC six plus, MKIII and MK IV all have IMU support. VESC 6 MK IV uses the BMI 160, all previous versions the MPU9250


Did i miss something or is the VESC 6 MK IV already released?

No, but it will replace the MKIII. The difference is the IMU since the MPU9250 is no longer an active part. In consequence we now use the BMI 160. To avoid confusion the devices get a new revision number.