OneWheel - VESC 6 Plus - Gyro - Force Sensor


I meant only vesc ***(currently for sale) with an imu :smiley:

When is the 100/250 coming?

Also I’ve had some odd results on my bmi160. Not sure how much like it as an imu, i should wire up a 2nd one and test it some more. But i think a calibrated MPU9250 works better for me. I’m excited to try the LSM imu on the stormcore.


I mail them in a standard paper envelope, so they should be able to go worldwide. I sold the first batch to onewheelers for mods, but recently ive had a lot of DIY people asking for them, so pressure is building.

I finished my taxes last night, but i also really want to finish this imu calibration wizard for the vesc tool, i just cant figure out the math to calculate YPR euler translation to get between two specific vectors/frames to level out an imu. Might have to cave in and ask ben for help :unamused:


Probably everyone will be greateful to get the opportunity by buying your DIY sensor, so consequently don’t stress yourself!
If everything is falling apart there is always a way to build some provisional solution.
I will keep an eye on the stock of the DIY Kit at the “TeamCyrWheel” Page!

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