One day build, model 2. Odashi 44/ 3 links/ tanuki printed hubs/ lipos 12s-21s/ makerx escs TbD

I’ve been thinking about a high voltage , 3link race build for awhile.

Got motors today (179 kv, 7490s).

Put things together. Spun tires.

I need to do some math when it comes to ESC’s.

I can do 12s with 30ah of lipos that fit tomibois enclosure perfectly or I can do 21s at 15ah if that won’t explode the makerx 100d.




Reserved to say, finish your builds. Spin tires. Do it.



What hubs are those in the back? Aluminum and carbon fiber?

Those are ancient “terraintula” hubs. I think world industries made them for kiteboards in the mid 2010s?


Hell yeah man! Looking epic.

Why the mismatched set? That all you had on hand?

I have two 3 links. 6 links if you will

Okay, not a one day build. I’ve been arranging tires around.

175s stretch ok. They look like a balloon kinda. The 155s from metro boards are I deal, but they no longer exist.

I discovered that you can take half a trampa hub and a 3d printer tenuki hub and make a reasonable stretched hub with offset, unlike the SRB hub the with aluminum spacer.


Those zeee packs fit too perfectly in the tomiboi enclosure wells for me to ignore it. That’s how I get to 21s in serial or 12s with a parallel group.

Those motors are so damn big. It’s 5.2 kg of motor vs the little emtb with 1.9 kg next to it.

Long board is loooooooooong.

I’m pretty keen to buy another “esk8 news” universal heat sink off anyone.


different teeth/size pulley front vs rear? How does that work together?

2WD at a time, one direction for speed, other direction for torque :man_shrugging:

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Symmetry is key. But if you stop to wait for all the parts to look pretty, well…


Long wait is loooooooooooooong.


How’s your clearance looking with the 175 tires?

And here I thought you were going for a board that could switched for speed to torque at a moments notice

About half a gt2b.

Wheel bite is my next obstacle


You thinking shaving the deck or extending the front?

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Extension first. I would not like to cut in to this board.

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Agreed. I have an odashi on order right now also, with the same plan of 3links and hoping to run 175s. Probably 150mm for tracking it and 175 for in the world stuff possibly.

He mocked up a deck with an extension here and seemed to get clearance. I think it’s doable. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


I’d been thinking the same. Has anyone built the odashi to power level 9000?

I’ll tell you what, ill switch this build to the strange red 44 redember that @DEEIF tried to get glass fritted.

I don’t want to cut on this board.


Hell no that’s the Redember 44 Sender screwed up and wouldn’t admit to it. Dude straight up fritted it without anyone asking and just shipped it to me saying that’s how it was and he couldn’t help…

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…I didn’t mean you did it. It will buff out. :+1:

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