Off topic, debate , i don't agree

Sooooo in order to help threads not get completely derailed and off topic i thought it would be nice to have an area to go with those conversations. Kinda like the Reply to pictures no words.

If you disagree, or wanna follow a random conversation that’s off topic from another thread you can come here and hash things out.

This isn’t a place to fight. Just a place to finish a conversation.

Maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t :man_shrugging:

Try to be civil, but also have a sense of humor.


Good post, but I don’t think this post should be titled cheap AF. The parts are intermediate in cost. There are other parts out there that are a lot cheaper and are as reliable functionally. Maybe it won’t look as nice, though.


Agreed, you can make a functional single drive for under $400

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Yeah boyee

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Idk… can’t think of a cheaper esc unless you go with the non programmable Ebay ones.
Sure there are cheaper motors but i wouldn’t trust longevity on most of them. Maybe save $10 on abec clones? Maybe another $10 on a cheaper mount

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Just let them go, someone’s always gonna argue. I guess “a lot cheaper and are as reliable functionally” is relative.


For people located in Europe it’s a lot more than $10. Also “Cheap AF Build” doesn’t imply that the board will be reliable and comfortable to use.

Did you read the original post?

He clearly states multiple times that there are cheaper products but he’s posting the more reliable ones.

Yes, but despite that I don’t think that title is correct. It’s like saying, do you want cheap phone? Just pick Apple iPhone, everything other is unreliable garbage.

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Lol now you’re being completely ridiculous.
IPhone is one of the most expensive phones on the market.
There are tons of items more expensive than every single item on this list.
You’re just looking for a reason to bitch now. if you think you can do it better why don’t you start a thread?


I would choose different Motors+mount+remote+deck. And for a few items, same items but much cheaper links. Also I didn’t have a problem with the post just the part of the title:“cheap AF”, if you didn’t get that.

My point is all opinion needs to be heard, so I welcome you and Mike questioning mine, so that people can judge for themselves.

I just skimmed the article yesterday and I must admit that I understand it differently. My bad, sorry for bitching. I saw more expensive parts in the article and automatically assumed they are part of the build. My bad.

Actually it might be a fun to try build cheapest board possible to ride. Might try it. But it will take me few months to get all the parts from china and I will have to finish other boards first.

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It should be noted that yes there are cheaper places to buy some of these parts, but this list gives businesses to esk8 vendors that are pushing our community forward and not to Chinese companies that give two shits about us.

Put it together and post it. Different perspectives are valuable. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (and no, we don’t want to see what those are.)


At the beginning of the article I said 2 things…

  1. All of the parts listed are easy to source and ship quickly
  2. Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial on how to make a budget build happen for around 500 bucks

I think I did that. After reading 20 messages about how this and that are wrong, but not wrong, but wrong…I still think I did that.

I also said “Feel free to substitute gear of similar value. You may not like what I’ve listed for one reason or another and that’s fine. In fact, I encourage you to make your own choices as long as you do the research needed.”

Unless you see a mistake, have some useful critique on a piece of gear or install process, please stay on topic. The entire reason this post exists is to make it possible for new builders to build faster & better and more importantly to know what questions to ask. All the garbage posts make that difficult for new builders.


Ill start with a random thing.


You asked the other day about flexible enclosures & batteries.
Someone posted some today and i wanted to tag you so you knew what they typically look like. But i didn’t wanna start a conversation in a 4sale thread.

Second enclosure down. The one that fit a trampa. Its in segments, as would the battery that fits in it making the battery a flex pack as well.

Im gonna start bugging you to make sure you learn somthing every


they’re nice enclosures but i’m confused on what to do for my build. :joy: i want to build an emtb cause my family goes up to tahoe a lot and it would be nice, but i’m confused!!!

Idk? As is as far as i know/ understand loopkeys are the only thing that’s reliable atm

Build what you’re gonna use the most

ik. i just have a huge want to build to make an emtb.

edit: plus i’d use it a lot, not as much as a street board, but a lot.