Nosedive | DIY onewheel | Enginir kit | 12s3p | vesc6

Hi :wave:, this my first build post. I had a mini cruiser esk8 build planned but a bunch of parts got stuck at work and they won’t let me pick them up until the building reopens.

I’ve never ridden a onewheel before but it looks really fun. I pulled the trigger on @Enginir’s diy onewheel kit recently and started planning the build.

motor: phub-188
frame: Enginir diy onewheel kit
battery: DIY 12s3p 30Q
esc: vesc6

1. Battery Pack

This is my first time building a battery pack, so I’m hoping you guys will let me know if I’m doing something stupid.

I did the math and 12s2p would be cutting it pretty close with my commute so I’m trying to fit 12s3p. Because of the limited space, I have to split some p groups to the front. This is the overall plan so far:

Nickel strips will be spot welded like this:

I need to find a good way to run the 3 balance wires safely in the rails. Maybe the axle could get hot and melt the wires :grimacing:.

2. Wheel + Balance App

Waiting for the phub to get here from China, they said it was shipped but tracking doesnt work yet… Probably won’t have it for the next 2 weeks. Should be straight forward to install and get the Balance APP working.

3. Lights, Fangs, and bumpers

The plan is to power 5v head and tail lights straight from the battery pack. Currently looking into good lights that are small enough to integrate into the bumper.

I’m also looking into installing fang wheels on the front bumper because you can’t be too safe.


TIL fang wheels.

and they’re from the same guy that does those xcell wheels.


I don’t think the fangs you linked would work, but the same company offers fangs for the pint just a separate product. Not 100% sure those would work for the floatwheel either, but I believe it’s at least a closer size to the pint.