Land-Surf EXELL wheels [Serious]

What follows is an introductory post by matt hoover of land surf. copied from FB.

LAND-SURF writes:


I’ve been secretly working hard on a new wheel concept for a year, and I’m finally ready to show the world the ultimate wheel system for electric skateboards like those built by Lacroix, KalyNYC, Bioboards, and Metroboard.

WARNING: This is a long post. But it’s all the info I wanted to make sure was out from day 1.

Introducing the XCELL™ line of high performance wheels by Land-Surf™.

There are a lot of innovations on these wheels, so let’s dive in. I’ve left no stone unturned in my quest to make the ultimate wheels for e-skate!


6 wheel designs are currently available, with more on the way. Each wheel is 106mm in diameter and fits any tire the MBS wheel fits, including tires from Evolve, Trampa, Kenda, and XBoard. From 6” to 8”, your tire selection is not restricted. And it’s far easier and faster to change a tire vs. the stock MBS plastics.

The idea was to have high caliber wheel designs that resemble high-performance sports car wheels. While I love my Nazare, the wheels really left something to be desired. All of the CNC goodness down through the Hypertrucks ended in a plastic wheel which was never really meant for high speed road use. Going down a dirt path on an all terrain board requires much looser tolerances than what is needed for 30mph+ on a top street board.

So I set out to do just that…billet wheels of the highest quality, made from the strongest aluminum with tight tolerances. And I believe I’ve succeeded.

In the photos below, I do not show every color combination possible because there are too many. But any style of wheel can be anodized to any color.


Precision CNC Milled from 7075-T6 aluminum, these two-piece wheels are extremely strong while still being lightweight. Across the 6 designs currently available, the wheel (without bearings or screws) weighs in at around 210 grams. The stock MBS wheels of Nylon are around 156 grams. Stress studies done in CAD indicate these wheels can take 400-500 pounds of force before deforming even .1mm. We have been riding on them for a long time now and at 210 lbs with gear, I’m not lightweight. And there have been zero issues with wheel strength.

The revolution starts with putting both bearings in one half of the wheel. The back part of the wheel is really only to keep the tire on. This increases accuracy of the bearings with respect to not only the shaft, but to each other. In plastic, two-part wheels, the bearings are in different halves, resulting in wheel wobble and more rolling resistance. And plastic wheels simply do not have the accuracy to compete in high speed road courses.

Between each bearing is an aluminum spacer to prevent the bearings from becoming compressed on their inner races. The result? A longer, more friction-free spin. Go ahead and tighten the wheel nuts down without fear of restricting the roll or damaging bearings. Accurate bearing alignment and the spacer make all the difference in the world. You can feel the difference.


Each wheel is milled, lathed, and then smoothed for an outstanding appearance. Choose an anodized color, or black. Custom colors are available for an additional cost.


To maximize performance, choose from top-quality Japanese steel NSK, or Acer Ceramic bearings. Or use your own.


Custom-made, top-quality Grade 5 Titanium screws are included in two lengths. One for the free wheels, and a set for the driven wheels (ie, long enough to secure the gear onto the wheel). Using Ti screws maximizes strength and minimizes weight at the edge of the rim, where weight matters most.

In order to have a better appearance on the face of the wheel, all screws enter from the back side, and anchor into the front half of the wheel. No messing with nylock nuts falling out, or trying to get the perfect torque on a screw to prevent wheel wobble.

For front wheels, I face the inflation valve inwards, so that it doesn’t disrupt the face of the wheel. For the rear wheels, I tend to have the value come out the front because it’s harder to access through the drive pulley.

There are two different gear-length screws to accommodate both the Nazare/Lonestar pulley, as well as the Prototipo/Jaws pulley. The Prototipo/Jaws kit will also include pulley spacers of the correct length.


You can use your stock pulley with Land-Surf™ XCELL™ wheels. But we also have produced the most accurate, high-quality 72T pulley available for the Nazare/Lonestar. The main feature of this pulley is that it “keys” into the back of the XCELL wheel line, creating a much more positive connection than stock.

In black, the pulley is also hard-anodized, which is a much tougher finish than the standard anodizing that comes on the stock pulley. The result is much less wear and tear from the belt, and a pulley than maintains it’s gear teeth longer without going all “sharp toothed”. If you want to run a colored pulley instead, we have tried both blue and red anodized pulleys and they are quite a sight to behold!


I personally think the Nylock nuts look ridiculously large, and destroy the appearance of the wheel. I set out to make something like a “center-lock” design that was more low-profile and covered the bearing it’s holding in, for a more sleek appearance.

The result are awesome M12 nuts that come in 6 colors. They are much lower profile than the Nylock nuts, and allow you to easily add a color accent your wheels. Just by changing the nut color, you can make the design of your board feel fresh again! For now, these nuts only work on the Hypertrucks axle. But I may make them for Jaws/Prototipo axles also.

The back of the M12 nut has a 1mm-tall lip that contacts the inner race of the bearing, so no washer is needed…just bolt on and go! I’ve been using these nuts for months and they are super strong, and do not come off. A bit of blue Loctite on first install is all you need for trouble-free operation!


Say goodby to janky pulley-centering jigs or the need for torque wrenches on a simple tire swap (those are band-aid fixes for low precision plastic wheels). Enjoy riding with your XCELL™ wheels and their sharper handling and true spin. Be the envy of your friends when they see wheels that look like they belong on high end sports cars.

When you add all of the features together, it’s clear that no other wheel system in the world comes close to the XCELL™ wheels by Land-Surf™. Some of our members have already been trying them out for a few months, and I’m sure you’ll hear from them below.

While not cheap, I’ve invested a lot of blood, sweat, and money into this line of wheels. I guarantee that these will be the ultimate wheels for your board, now and into the future. They also come with a guarantee that if they somehow fail you (which they will not), you’ll get a free replacement. I stand behind all of my products, and this is no different.

The retail price is $499.95 for a set of XCELL™ wheels.
What does that include?

  • 4 Complete Wheels in 7075-T6 aluminum (front and back)
  • 20 Grade 5 Titanium Screws
  • 8 NSK Steel Bearings (6001 size) and Spacers (or upgrade to ceramics).

Extra Options and Add-Ons:

  • 72T Pulleys in hard-anodized black or another color: $74.95 (same as stock)
  • Wheel nuts in any color: $6/each

While not cheap, consider that you are buying the absolute best quality wheels available anywhere in the world for your board. If you ride much at all, you will spend more in one year on tires than these wheels, which will last many years.

These wheels fit not only Lacroix boards, but ANY board that uses MBS wheels. I just thought I’d share with the Lacroix family first.

Design patents are pending. Please don’t steel my designs. I will come after you.


So many monies. No thanks.


very true.


I’m facinated by the one side of the hub holds both bearings and what it means for wider tires without wider axels at some point that whole idea gets sketch… but it would make it easy to “pick a width” with different size spacers.


I can definitely see the appeal and to be fair, if I was building a show board I would probably consider. Definitely a nice option to have.

I think the bearing situation is interesting and I would love to know how it survives long term.


The catch with this design is it puts a lot more stress on the wheel, there is a constant leverage trying to bend the core out on these so if you abuse them (say 6" tires on rocks) they might just bend. If they had at least put ribs on the inside it would have been worlds better

Edit: the outer bearing will take most of the load too so it will wear out long before the inner bearing


I always loved the look of BBS wheels and these have that style going for them. Too bad ab the price, I cannot afford these.


Very monies, but still about on the level of six shooters.

In my opinion, they all look incredible. Competitors like this are great, it encourages innovation in the market, and I will always be happy to see more wheel options.


A full set of six shooters is like $400 with pulleys right? This is $650…

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I guess I was mis-remembering, thought six shooters with tires alone were $450.

In that case, VERY monies but I still stand by the other point haha. These will look cool on the premium boards though

These look a shit ton better than six shooters IMO.

How much are the etoxx hubs and kaly hellcats?

Edit: @NoWind @Kaly @3DServisas would love to hear your thoughts on these hubs. Especially in regard to the bearing configuration.


Lol they really do, like I want them so bad

Not sure how much the Etoxx stuff is but Hellcats look like $240 for the rims and $120 for the tires?


I’m gonna get a set to pair with the $1500 CF enclosure I just bought. Hell, I might even by springs for my trucks.



… ?



This idiot.


Lol, I will never forget that guy’s thread on builders :joy:


Yeah I would be taking the hellcats for sure.


Definitely either Hellcats or Quattros

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I know we are kinda joking but aren’t there customers for stuff of every price points? I mean, I thought it was outrageous to pay 800$ for a deck and enclosure at some point but I was wrong because lots of people were and still are willing to do it. I am not shitting on any brands, I would buy one or more of every parts or completes if I could but for that to happen I need the damn lottery computer to pick my numbers.