NooBoard | EVO 40 | FB240 | Hammock Baseplates | FatBoy Gear Drive | 6374 190kv | 12s6p | Unity | Trampa 6.5″ Urban Treads

This will be my first ever build. I’ve been riding an Ownboard W1S since May but now I want to step up the game and have something with (a little bit) more speed, comfort, range, and with parts that I could upgrade without spending a ton of money again. Basically, I want a board that I could ride for at least 50km without pushing too hard, and with wheels that could take dirt roads easily. As you can see by the title I still have a lot of parts to decide, even though I’ve read a lot. That’s why I would like your help. It might be important to state that I’m located in Europe.

Parts I’m sure:

Here are my options and doubts:

  • Trucks: Torqueboards 218mm, Fatboy 230 with Caliber Baseplates, or even Evolve Super Carve.
    1. Torqueboards are the least expensive and I’ve seen many builds with them. Even 3DServisas have a lot of Gear Drive systems that work with them.
    2. Fatboy 230 hangers with Caliber Baseplates are on the list because of Bioboards basically…
    3. Evolve Super Carve are on the list because I’ve seen a cool build with them and also because most of the AT boards that are coming out have them. Not sure if they’re more comfortable dealing with dirt roads and rocks…
  • Wheels: Trampa 6.5″ Urban Treads with Superstar Hubs or Haggyboard Bergmeister 147mm.
    • I’m leaning towards the Trampa’s because the price difference is not huge and with import taxes, the Bergmeister could actually be way more expensive.
  • Motors: Maytech 6374 3510W 190kv, Street Wing 6374 3550W 190kv, Turnigy SK8 6374 192kv, or Bioboards 6374 3600W 220kv
    • Thinking about getting the ones from Street Wing because they’re cheaper (with the exception of Turnigy which aren’t available at the moment at Hobbyking)
  • Motor Mount: Street Wing seems to have a solid mount compared to Electric Board Solutions, not sure if it just looks and if it’s worth the extra money.
  • Motor and Wheel Pulleys: 15T and 68T Trampa from Electric Board Solutions. I’ve seen other options from Street Wing and 66T from 3DServisas but they’re more expensive.

Here’s a list I’ve been gathering with all the parts and options:

It would be great to get your feedback and guidance.


If youre wanting affordable go with @Boardnamics

Flipsky dual 4.20+ is an affordable option

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Some good parts there. Try to see perhaps if you can get to group ride somewhere and have a look at some builds in real life. Someone might even let you go for a spin!
Where in Europe are you, there might be people closely who can help?
Edit! I see portugal!

Thanks! Unfortunatelly, I don’t want to risk buying lots of things outside Europe, since I always have bad luck with stuff getting stuck in customs and having to pay a lot more in taxes… I don’t necessarily want affordable, I’d prefer good parts for their value, just not overpriced. Or bad parts for high value…

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Id recommend getting bergmeisters, it comes from Taiwan. But the quality and customer service is top notch

Also I might be wrong but the bearing seat for those trampa wheels don’t support 8mm axles very well. Need some expensive tinkering.

You can use 608 skateboard bearings without any gimmicks with bergmeisters


@BigBen Sadly, there aren’t a lot of group rides here… The only one that I know has just one guy with a custom build which is more like a MTB.

@moon Do they deal well with dirt roads with rocks along the way? I’ve seen that 3DServisas also has a lot of things for them so I could easily upgrade some parts.

I’ve seen that Trampa has a Spoke Support 8mm Bearing converter, so I think there’s no problem.

I recently rode my bergs in the caves on the paris event. Also some very rough trails on a few group rides. They stood up OK but there are better slightly larger wheels for this. They’re smaller than most pneumatics so the clearance won’t be great on a drop deck with dual stack enclosure.
If you’re on the streetwing site, check out what luke did with his new prototype board for the paris event. It’s on a few of the paris threads. I think he put it on trampa wheels in the end.


@BigBen That’s great to know! Comparing just price I’d go with Trampa’s unless @davdBanner starts selling them on Street Wing, but I just don’t know enough about Bergmeister advantages. Even then, I would have more questions/doubts, like smaller enclosure, other pulleys… Would I be able to get a range of 50km easily in a 10S5P?

50km range on pneumatics would need a monster battery.

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Hi. So what kind of board do you mainly want, off road or urban? Because an off road board can easily be used in the city but that’s not the case with an urban board on the dirt.
For good off road, you need 8inch tires. For that and 50km range, you need mega battery. Something like @Kug3lis build with 100 cells…
LY Evo is great going straight fast but not so much off road. Something MTB like trampa/mbs with bindings is better choice

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@Grozniy It’s mainly an urban board that could deal with sidewalks, occasional dirt roads, and wooden walkways, so I think 8inch tires and an MTB deck is overkill.

Regarding the 50km range, it’s something that I would like to do once in a while at just 20-30km/h with a few bits at full speed. Some brands (Lacroix, Street Wing, Bioboards) state the top range around that mark, so that’s why I was aiming for the 10S6P battery.

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Then Evo will be fine. Maybe better get cheap 6x2 tires from Ali, they will last forever and will be harder to puncture. Bergs are great though, CS outstanding.
PS: bem vindo e boa sorte :wink:

With 12S6P Samsung 30Q, cheap 6inch pneumos, 3DServisas gear drives, 170kV motors I manage to top out at 60km range, plus minus two km. :slight_smile: 15Wh/km most of the time, sometimes lower, sometimes higher.


Small update. Finally got all the main parts:

  • Deck: Landyachtz Evo Falcon 40″

  • Enclosure: eBoosted Evo Falcon 40″ DS thanks to @eBoosted

  • Remote: Flipksy VX1 thanks to @Anubis

  • ESC: Focbox Unity (XT90 + 5.5) thanks to @mackann

  • Battery: 12S6P Samsung 30Q thanks to @Acido

  • Trucks: Torqueboards 218mm hangers (used) with RipTide WFB Pivot Cups 96a

    • Front: 50° Caliber II baseplate with RipTide KranK Canon 87a and RipTide KranK FatCone 87a
    • Rear: 44° Caliber II baseplate with RipTide KranK Canon 87a and RipTide KranK Chubby 87a
  • Wheels: Trampa 6.5″ Urban Treads (used)

  • Motors: Street Wing 6374 190kv (used)

  • Gear Drive: FatBoy Mini Gear Drive for Torqueboards 218mm (used)

Quickly made a test to see if everything was working fine. Before putting everything together, I noticed that when turning manually one of the motors, it kinda blocked for brief moments, similar to a click. When testing, one of the motors was indeed behaving differently, but not sure if that was the one that was clicking since I haven’t marked it. Do you guys know what might be the problem? Here’s a video:


would love to know how this build is going? how did you go with the gear drive?

edit - I love reviving old threads :slight_smile:


I love guys who revive old threads.


It’s done, I just have to polish some bits such as the motor cables and “paint” the wheel hubs to black. The problem has been the weather since it’s constantly raining and the days are much shorter so I can’t ride it at the end of the day. I also crashed at 50km/h due to speed wobbles and it bent the back axle and broke one of the gear drive enclosures. Now it’s all fixed :sweat_smile:

Regarding the gear drives, I don’t have any past experience with belt drives to compare but I can say that they’ve been great, with no problems, and the sound is amazing.

Here’s a pic I just took:


Thinking about upgrading the battery to a 12S6P Samsung 40T and get a pair of FatBoy 230 hangers or maybe a whole new helical gear drive system. Still, I can’t get enough of this board as it is.


@pdscunha what is the ratio you have on the gear drives? How’s the torque with the 6.5" wheels? I am thinking about doing another build with these gears (probably helical) that I can switch between 110s and 6" bergs, but wonder if there will be enough torque with the 6 inchers.

@AnotherEndeavor Sorry for taking almost half a year to answer you. The ratio is 1:3 so with 190kv motors it doesn’t have a lot of torque. Since I don’t live in a hilly area and since I’m light, it’s enough for me. However, compared to my other build which has 170kv motors with 1:4.2 ratio you can definitely tell that it struggles more in the few hills I have near me.