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Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

Have you seen this “10S4P, 36V 12.8Ah LG MH1 cells” battery for $200?

With shipping, that’s just under 250.


I completely understand and if I was one of you guys that have been here for some time I would most likely say the same. That is why when I saw donate now I’m like yes!! These guys know there s**t and I would like to pick their brains so I contribute and maybe it works out.

Living here I’m addicted to snowboarding but off season I need to keep my carving going and when I got on this board I was addicted so I’m not going anywhere :-). Plan to stick around the forum and long as you guys will have me of course.


This is a good option. Only other option I can think of is pm @acido who can get the 30q cells in europe (cheaper here) and he offers a spot welding service. get him to do the parallel welds for you and ship them to you. then you can do the bms and series connections yourself.

$250 is quite a low budget.


Mind is blown!!! That is a amazing price and form factor!! I have 2 questions that I will most likely be shunned for but I’m going to ask I’m going them get together shortly thank you so much for that.

Those aren’t normal prices, Ilan is clearing out stock for a suspected lineup refresh.


@Les i see you already in good hands :sweat_smile:
30q are a good choice. Legit source of cells are, but they stopped shipping to US just recently. The US guys can tell you better for a trusted seller overseas.
If you look into building more than one pack it might be worth investigating in a spotwelder like the kweld or malectrics, but than your 250$ budget will not be enough.
If you don’t want to build more packs in future you might be good with what @b264 suggested or you go with nese modules which make assembly pretty easy and no spotwelding is needed.

Important note if you get into building your packs, read through our battery builders club thread.

The battery builders club

And don’t hesitate to ask your questions there. Upload pictures while you in process of building and we always can give you advice if we think you on a wrong way.

Also, make sure you get pure nickel! Saltwater test your nickel strips is mandatory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Assuming these are quality batteries by the looks of it and the responses.

Just want to clarify this and I’ll order thank you so much for the help

My current plugs coming out of cheap battery

New battery assuming I just need to get a 2 to 1 connector for positive and negative and then snip and solder the charger port? Is that correct?

This is the charger I have will this be sufficient ?? It gets fairly hot during charging but I want to make sure so I don’t damage the new batteries.

That charger will work fine for 10S lithium-ion, yes

Here is my controller and wires connected to it the smaller wires from the battery go right to charger port.

Those are 14AWG wires if I recall, which means you will need to use one for esch ESC on a dual drive or just a single one for a single drive.

Thank you perfect

Yes, just leave one of them unhooked with that ESC

Perfect! Yes my ESC looks to combine into one battery so one connects only and I just solder to my charger port the other thin wires and I am all set. Thank you so much ordering now.

No, you need a fuse on the charge wire negative.

That’s no problem will add a fuse connector to negative
charge wire solder up and put a Automotive Fuse 58V 7.5A in. Assuming that is just for additional protection.

Those batteries do have a bms I’m assuming. I’m measuring up my enclosure right now didn’t realize how long these were but think I can make it work.

The 10S5P is much shorter, but twice as thick and heavier and $75 more

Yeah I saw that it’s all good don’t wanna push it but that will really amp up my board and longer range. Considering all options. Thank you so much I am buying today no matter way I’m not passing up this deal.

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Wow that is a pretty damn good deal… so now the question is do I buy two smaller batteries to swap with the lipo ones for a sleeker look but ability to swap back still or do I buy a big battery for a new build with new objectives? This raises more questions than it answers unfortunately :smiley:

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Done and done 258.74$ . Now I just need a new enclosure and the search begins thanks guys will send some pics of the build once I get it together and test it out of course. Thanx @b264 I really appreciate it the quick find