Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

How else would I be able to defend and feed my family via Esk8?


I mean do you really not see esk8 as a viable form of transportation? It’s pretty ideal to me since if you use a bus or train it’s much easier to just pick up your board and go than a bike or even a scooter. Basically, all forms of transportation kind of suck and are somewhat more dangerous in the rain.


That’s pretty much exactly how I use my Exway.

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If i lived somewhere where it was likely to rain for 75% of the year, then no, I would not choose esk8 as my primary mode of transport. Call me crazy.


Just need bigger balls


I mean anything except a car kind of sucks in a rain and I don’t like driving a car all the time just to transport myself and a backpack around. I’ve eaten shit on a bike worse in the rain than I ever have a skateboard tbh. Also, it doesn’t rain all the time, but it’s pretty unpredictable. You can’t really trust that the forecast in the morning will be right by the afternoon.


I’ve esk8ed plenty I’m the rain, you just gotta know your ride, use the appropriate wheels and not go overboard, like don’t esk8 in monsoon season.

At the risk of sounding like a google-lover, you can also check the forecast by the hour with google.

I just don’t see esk8 as a viable mode of primary transport. If you do, best of luck. Because that’s what you need.


florida weather is different. our weathermen are flat out wrong all the time, and shamelessly so, as the weather is nonsense here. itll pour buckets of water at a moments notice, for 5 minutes, out of blue skies. itll rain across the street but not at my house. its wack.


In your case, waterproofing sounds sensible then.

I have recently tried to make my boards waterproof(ish) cos of lots of the stated reasons, but skating in the rain isn’t something I try to do. Raining, or even possibly raining, I’m jumping in the truck.

Riding in the rain sux. But it also doesn’t rain thaaat much where I live, so maybe I’m spoilt :thinking:


We’re definitely spoilt :rofl:

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Yeah, Florida weather doesn’t work like that. As I said, the time I killed a cheap prebuilt it said no rain until 9 pm when I checked at 9 am. Then at 4:30 pm when I was about ready to leave work it started pouring. Going by the hourly forecast more than 2 hours ahead of time in Florida is just not reliable at all.

Melbourne, Australia weather doesn’t really work like that either unfortunately. Hence why I choose for esk8 to not be my primary mode of transport.

But i’m a broken record at this point, so i wish you all well on your waterproofing endeavours.

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Many people are different. You might use these for toys. Some folks use them for tools. Some folks use them for both. If these are only toys for you, that doesn’t mean they are only toys for everyone.


The biggest thing for me is you can’t take anyone with you, and storing it at x destination can often be difficult

On top of that, you cannot transport materials or goods

That being said I just paid 4.85 a gallon for gas yesterday. I ride to work when I can but sometimes it’s just not convenient

There’s this amazing invention called a rucksack that can carry quite a lot of materials and/or goods


That is not a viable solution for transporting 5 bags of groceries

You also still cannot carry other people which I do frequently

Your definition of quite a lot is very different from my average Costco run :rofl:


Lmao yeah

I’ve done a Costco run using a bike trailer. It was a smaller run but it was fine.