Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

Just don’t take any gravel roads on the 72A

not that any sane person would consider taking a gravel road on polyurethane longboard wheels


There are some places it would work. I can even stand on this damn thing on concrete. Lol. Going to bust my ass before even putting power to it.

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New “240 AMP” ESC in the wild take it’s rating with a grain of salt.
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What battery cutoff settings should I be using for a 12s2p battery? Also what battery current max and regen settings should I use? Lastly, what motor current settings should I be running for each of my separate motors that are using separate vescs on split ppm? If it’s too troublesome to answer, can someone link me a thread that discusses these?

Let me know if you end up cruising these! Would love to see this compared to the 110s for clearance purposes


Somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5v/cell. Exactly where in there is a matter of personal preference: Lower cutoff gives you a little extra range, but is harder on the cells over their lifetime.

Depends on the cells you have. For 30Q (because those are super common in esk8), 30-40A max and 15-20A regen.

Depends on the motors and vescs you have.

This forum is GIGO: Garbage (or no) information in, garbage information out. You gotta give us good info for us to be able to answer your questions well.


What battery? What cells?

For 2P of 30Q, if the wiring and nickel are ideal, then I’d go 30A (or 15A + 15A) battery max and -15A (or -7.5A±7.5A) battery min (regen)


this is for max performance

this is for max dependability and lifetime

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Sorry for not being clear. I have 12s2p 30q samsung cells. The motor is maytech 6374. The vescs are enertion focbox v1.6s.


I think you can run that motor at 80A / -60A (per side)

Make sure you max-out “absolute maximum current” at 150A or the max it will let you, and change “fault stop time” to 40ms


Thank you so much. This really helped me out since I couldn’t find too much information on the setttings.


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Anyone have an idea of WTF this actually means? Source is a customer service email regarding some wheels I ordered a while ago.

“Wheels will ship out on 23825

Excel date code for 23825 translates to 3/24/1965

Does anyone know how to use these flipsky bluetooth modules for a split ppm setup? Do I need to use two bluetooth modules for each vesc or can I just use on on once side. Also do these display the battery percentage of the board? Are there any ways of getting the battery percentage of the board without soldering? Also is there an iphone app for the flipsky bluetooth module?


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I fukn hope I get my wheels before 2023!


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Anyone else know a place to get 290-5m-15 belts from?

Vbeltguys is out of stock For 8 weeks
Vbeltsupply doesn’t have any in that size.

Anyone else have a better option that doesn’t take years for shipping ?

Amazon is a belt source. They’ve been dropped shipped from Gates. Got them from Ebay as well. Ended up coming from the same place. Lucky enough for me it was in TN so they come next day.

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