New to LiPos. Please give me a quick rundown or link

I have a small enclosure in a cheap hub board. I’m not looking for speed, just a quick board I can take on vacation or to the park and ride next to my son’s bike. I’ve got moderate knowledge of lithium ion packs and mild knowledge of lipos.

My (tentative) plan is to cram 4 of these little fellas in the enclosure.

What BMS do I need and do the balance leads from the lipo packs just plug and play into it?

I imagine I’m looking for a 10s BMS and need to wire a charge port with fuse to it.

Any help is appreciated.


@J0ker @Andy87 and @monsterbuilder are my go to for lipo questions

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Buy quality lipos, preferably in a hard case. Graphene packs are worth the extra money, better amp delivery, make sure your BMS is a lipo BMS. Performance wise lipos are great, the charge cycles leaves a lot to be desired.


I feel you guys. The enclosure is what’s holding me back.

8" x 5.5" x 1.25" tall doesn’t fit most lipos when I filter results down on hobbyking

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Why don’t you try and 3D print a riser for it (enclosure) ?
Then you could leave a lip on the Riser so that you can install the enclosure with inserts rather than drilling through the deck.

Plus you know, more battery options


You can also slim down the lipo with a lot of patience.

But what @Skunk skunk said is your best option.


I like that idea but it’s a weird enclosure. Verreal f1

Brown block is one of those zippys

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How big is your enclosure?

You could use this

With 2x like this

edit: just saw your enclosure. that 31mm height is ridiculous.


Right. With foam I could maybe get 5ish more mm.

I own 2 3d printers, maybe I’ll start looking into a 3d printed enclosure.

Again, this is supposed to be a sub par board running on meepo style hubs for not long distance. Still against zippys @anon54720240 ?

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have you looked at 5x 2s options?

does it have to be 10s? what about 3x 3s for a 9s?


The only problem I see is routing wires off the lipos. Looks real tight in there.

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I made some hard shells for my soft pack 5S 5Ah can share the onshape design and/or STL if interested.

(using turnigy softpacks but no experience with graphene, had a bad experience with multistar packs too but maybe hit or miss on those some people seem happy with them)


Nano-Tech-Lipo have a bigger sag than other lipo’s and on top fewer charge cylces

Lipos are ok, but they only last about 50 charges with how we use them. Lithium ion can last upwards of 300 pretty easily. They pay for themselves and you feel much safer knowing your not risking lipo failures

You can fit a lion 10s2p in there.

Yeah trying to keep cost down because this is a 3rd board and not one to write home about. I have 2 beauties already sitting here. Somewhere between a 10s2p and a 10s4p I could get it going nicely.


Think it really depends on the liion cells vs lipo being compared if the cells aren’t over stressed in either case then they should last a reasonable amount of time. Also trade off in up front cost and care needed to assemble all the cells vs off the shelf ready to go (lots of other trade offs really, carrying charge circuit with is a + and a - too IMO).

would be curious to check actual capacity on my old batteries now I just got a new pair as a “backup” but then put them in new shells and haven’t migrated the old ones to new shells yet so I typically don’t use them… hard to say how many cycles I’ve put them through too though would have to guesstimate a few things.

Lipos being shorted almost always detonate. Over charging creates copper crystals that break thr pouch. Charging an undervoltage pack is extremely dangerous as well. Liion are much more forgiving. Under the same current application they have much longer lifespan.

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I don’t disagree about over-charging or over-discharging but the way most people have battery failures here is building their own pack and having a short somewhere that causes a fire (or they get a cheap BMS and it doesn’t do it’s job or isn’t wired correctly). Trying to claim any battery that has the energy capacity most people carry around here is going to be truly safe is a bit of a stretch. Regarding max discharge rate if you get a liion with 5A discharge rate and pull 20A out of it all day long it’s not going to have many cycles either, 18650 package isn’t magic that makes everything put in it 100x better?

Of course none of them are 100% safe. I add a disclaimer to every pack i sell. In general though, a lithium ion is better in every way expect for needing to be welded and lower discharge abilites in general