Pouch Cell General discussion. Lipo/prismatic compression, Voltage cutoffs, Amp ratings.

Many many threads here and there about Lipos and stuff. This is where you can link all that or ask for help with them.

I would rather have another thread for deals and where to buy them, this is just for concerns around their use.

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Linka bunch of threads here

LIPO Charge only Smart BMS wiring Guide

^looking for this bms wiring guide lol

What’s the best cutoff voltage for a Lipo battery
New to LiPos. Please give me a quick rundown or linkLiPo’s: the Unfold-ening
^was worried I just found a general but nope, disassembly.


I want to use this for some small project not sure what but I am wondering if I should make a compression case for it or if that would not be much help at this point.

Speaking on damage I have some cells from that box that seem to have gotten very smashed

Same question as above, should I try any compression or let it be? not even try em?

I think all pouch cells are designed for a particular level of compression. Otherwise the gas that can be created during operation can delaminate the stack of stuff inside the cell some and reduce performance. It can also cause localized damage due to current being concentrated in the spots that are still touching,

Compression lowers the internal resistance too. I don’t remember what levels of pressure are used but making it even across the cell was critical.

No cell damage is acceptable to the manufacturers though so I would recommend not using any cell that isn’t in perfect condition. We all have different tolerance thresholds though and you’ll have to decide without any real data on what’s going on inside those cells or what the risk actually is.