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New Personal EV "Box Board"! - Skateboard Anyone Can Ride!

Hello guys,

I made a new personal EV called “Box Board”, this is basically an electric skateboard with a box on top of it. This is much safer/easier to ride than a regular skateboard since you only have to worry about moving your weight left and right. Also, people who don’t know how to skateboard, they will also be able to enjoy skateboarding easily with this new concept.

UPDATE: Sept. 5th 2020 - I now have an upgraded Evolve 7-inch pneumatic wheels and boat chair with armrest, next upgrade will be 8-inch wheels along with longer MBS trucks. It’s pretty stable but still can fall over if you put your weight too far over because trucks are shorter than the icebox in the back but with 16-inch mbs trucks, it will solve all that and you won’t be able to fall over. I am gonna also do a Kickstarter soon just for fun, I have so many people from my neighborhood who want me to make it into a real product.

Latest model:

I was going to patent this idea but I decided to make it an open source project so others can make something like this. This is just a “base model”, later I plan on making bigger models, different models for different uses. I am planning on a golf cart model also. Due to COVID19, small personal EVs like this I think will become very popular and these are designed with “slow speed” and “riding on sidewalk” in mind. Many handicapped people have told me they want one already also so I think there’s lots of uses. Especially the older crowd seemed to like the idea, I am planning for my retirement also by making these types of portable devices. The Box Board fits in a standard trunk of small car, which can possibly replace wheelchair for handicapped people who can still move their weight.

Here’s a video of the Box Board:

I have also built another bigger prototype with an icebox, this is one of the Box Board prototypes:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:. Very stable at even 28mph.

Still work in progress but I think something like would be great for kids, older people, and anyone who don’t know how to ride a skateboard.

Also, I just used really cheap parts, total cost was no more than $350 for the box board. The Icebox skateboard is the high end model, cost me around $2000 in parts.


Nice! You gotta make it look less like you just strapped a box on an esk8, otherwise people are just gonna buy an esk8 and strap a box to it.

With the right design it could also make a great mobility device for people with injuries. I’ve got a broken ankle and can’t skate, but if my feet an ankles were protected somehow on that it’d make me feel safer and I’d have a blast on that thing!



in the video at 1:40 she was totally a paid shill admit it. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


12S60P here we come (or 20S36P)!


I’ll take 4.

We need to work out a way to turn the Esky into a fridge, and also to have access inside while still sitting down. Nobody got time to stop to get a nice cold beer.


I grew up in outback Australia in a little mining town called Tom Price in the middle of bumfuck Western Australia.

Every year they held what was known as the Bush Bash, a week long festival with a bunch of awesome community events.

One of those events was the ‘Dunny Derby’. Dudes had to make a rolling toilet and get it around a race track. Good times :ok_hand:


People ask me that every single day LoL. I bet she was a random stranger.

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yeah. for the record I was joking around. it was just so perfectly placed in that video. :slight_smile:


It was rather nice timing.

No just some random ass ho.

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You could totally fit one in there. 12s50p for range of 500 miles. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I liked @kevingraehl’s version better


Very cool idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That looks really relaxing and effortless to ride. And the big cooler space makes this the ultimate “grocery getter” mobile. I like your thorough demonstrations of how rideable and maneuverable this thing is. I’m gonna have to drag my old seat board out and start experimenting with it again. I separated my shoulder a couple months ago, and have been hesitant to ride much or very fast while it heals, but I think this kind of build might be just what I need right now.

One thing I thought about that would be cool is to fill the cooler with batteries (the cheap, large, high output SPIM08HP cells come to mind), wire up some charging ports on the sides, and cruise along on group rides to provide a mobile charging station for fellow riders. I’m sure you’d make a lot of friends. I also like how you used it as a shopping cart, and if you had a cooler that opened front to back, you could flip open the lid, and use it as a handle to push the board through the store like an actual shopping cart.

And although they look similar, somehow I think yours is cooler than the “scooler”. :rofl:


WRX seat on a board… Got mixed feelings on this one lol

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I got the boy version of that couch if you need


Not a bad idea. Although I probably busy trying to be on the front of the group, it is totally doable, pack one big 12s100p battery pack and provide free charging along with extra beers in tow. I am down!

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I think going too low make it dangerous since hard for cars to see you.

Where the flush go tho? I wonder if u can add a button to shoot poop. :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

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