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New Hammock Surf Rodz TKP adjustable base plate - 1st Round. Classic RKP Caliber, Kahua... also available...Closing on 13/01/20 or sooner

Hi guys!

As some of you know I have been made an adapter for the hammock to fit Surf Rodz TKP trucks. I am checking whether there is enough interest to run a GB. I will live it open untile the second week of January but willing to close it sooner. Based on the closing date the delivery is aspected before Chinese New Year (we would need to close it sooner) or just afterwards. Few of you asked for them and I am sorry I waited longer for the GB but I was too busy at work. I know the period is not the best close to Christmas time but take it as a option, not big deal if it won’t work out :grin:

The hammocks available would be both SR TKP and the classic RKP for Caliber, Paris, Kahua truck styles that you can see here.

What comes with the hammocks:

1 complete set 123.5 Euro:

  • 2 base plates (universal)
  • 2 SR TKP or Caliber/Paris RKP adapters
  • 2 Kingpings
  • 4 Bolts and nuts

Adapters only 65 Euro
Who has already the hammocks RKP and wants the TKP adapter can get it for 65 Euro.

Colours available raw and matte black. Other possible if enough demanding.
In case of adapters only they will come with the specif Kingpin since TKP requires shorter one compare to RKP.

Shipping from Belgium:

To EU it’s from 8 to 20 Euro depending on destinations.
To US 21 Euro
Around 29 Euro for rest of the world.

Take your spot

There are 3 different combinations possible. Please read it before send it.

Thanks a lot for the attention, I wish you Merry Christmas! :relaxed:

Ciao ciao

SR TKP Hammocks


This + @akhlut’s axles = DIY HEXL trucks that won’t bend :stuck_out_tongue:


We better let @DerelictRobot ride them first to be sure.



Just signed up.


I’ve been waiting for this :heart_eyes::pleading_face:


Will these fit a drop opening?

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Looks like the 2nd screw might be an issue… Also curious to know.


I didn’t design with that in mind but found that they fit 90% of the drop through. The only possible problem is the locking nuts. In classic deck around 13mm thicks they fit just right. In thicker decks like hummie or others integrated ones then you might need to make a 5mm pocket around the nuts, nothing more. Anyhow possible to male them work.
@RedBaron made them work with Gbomb too


just signed up too. lol goddamnit. anyone else interested in green?


Send me a pics to understand the colour. I will see What I can do :wink:




We will see if we nailed the participants😁

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How many people do you need to get the group buy?

Let’s say around 10 or will be difficult to keep the same price and I don’t want to increase it. Last GB I had to make more to provide them at the same price. Less is really difficult

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Let me know when you get close. My money is tied up in the choochoo and that new trampa. But I’m like 90% sure I’m parting it out. So I might swoop in at the last min just for shits and giggles.

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Sure, I will closed in few weeks and let’s see. More or less 6 people asked for them several time but didn’t signed up yet. So I don’t know if we will make it


hmm I wonder if the name of the thread is throwing people off. I was thrown off at first thinking this was the first hammock thread; but upon reading closer saw it was a new/current (3rd?) round of hammocks.

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Mmmmm true I can make it more clear if that helps

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I dont have the surf rodz trucks yet (arriving on friday) but if they are as good as i heard then i im super interested in a pair of these baseplates!


By the feedbacks I got they got their approval. We are 6 at the moment. If you want to join you are welcome.