New build flipsky 6.6 big size

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I’m starting my first build and I have ordered most of my parts. I’m still trying to decide on batteries and I’m thinking 10s1p Lipo - 2 x 5s 5000 mah HRB which say they are 50c continuous and 100c max
Or should I go with 10s2p lipo. 4 of the same battery as listed above. I understand I will be able to go farther but will this also double the discharge rate of the batteries?
The rest of the build is:
Board - MBS alex brown pro 6
Flipsky 6.6 fsesc big size
Flipsky 6384 motors 4000w
Vx2 remote
16t motor pulley
72t wheel pulley
200 mm wheels
Am I missing anything?
Using a balance charger to charge the batteries.
I’m looking for a reliable setup.

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Welcome here :grinning:

Looks nice, but 10S1P 5000mAh looks a bit low for range, on that kind of setup you’ll get something like 10km/6miles range, seems pretty light for an offroad board.

What about the motor mount ? Got any leads ?

Thanks for the reply.
I have 3D printed motor mounts that I’m going to try. I printed them with 100 percent fill with PETG. I have nylon on the way. If that fails, I have a friend with a CNC. He can cut me some mounts out of aluminum. But I was really hoping the 3D printed parts will work. Also 3D printing my battery enclosure and fsesc enclosure.

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This is what I got in the calculator. I don’t know how accurate that is

I have one but one side needs the DRV replaced

The thing is a bit optimistic for my board, it depends of your weight ect. It told me 30km autonomy and I got only 20 because of my fat ass. :poultry_leg:
Anyway, must start somewhere and you could always throw more lipos at it.
Good luck with the 3d printing approach🙂, I tried it and failed miserably, my motor mount snapped at a weak point near the motor on the first try. PETG 75% infill with gyroid pattern and thicc walls and all.

Thats what I’m going to do. Start with 2 lipos see where I’m at and go from there. I’m about 80 Kgs or 180 lbs. Thanks for the info and experience. My stuff should be here in a couple weeks. I will post an update on how it goes and some pictures on the build.

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This is what i used, i’m 100kg with full gear :

The part holding the motor was too thin (5mm), it broke following the red line

I also i added 4mm threaded rod from one side, should have added more apparently :stuck_out_tongue:.

Good luck with your build ! I’m sure it’ll end up very nice :grinning:

Thanks for the insight. I’m not to optimistic after seeing this.

This is what I printed. But I’m thinking it may be too thick. I have to wait till my motors get here.
I will use 2 maybe 3 rods to connect between the 2 mounts to give it more support.

I ended up going with a lot thicker of a 3D print. Printed PETG and reinforced with steel. This think is pretty strong.

This is awesome, but don’t the metal mounts help cool the motors as well?