New Boundmotor Flash Board w/ new ESC

Looks like Boundmotor has a new flagship pre-built.

Bound Flash

I’m honestly thinking about picking one up at this price as a second board, as my old secondary board took a shit on me awhile back. Right now they’re also letting you swap out the deck for the Forged Carbon version for free and that forged carbon deck looks NICE.

This thing is obviously HEAVILY influenced by the Metroboard X, but basically in the smaller form factor and brought up to modern standards.

I’d love to hear what some of the vets on the forum think about this thing, especially their new ESC, looks like a massive upgrade over their old one.

X-Core Pro ESC

What do you think, worth pulling the trigger on for $1699.00?


it is really too bad they copied the Metro board design…
they could have made it their own thing with a few tweaks and make it cool.

I will be interested to see how quality and performance pan out.


This combined powerbutton, display and chargeport block looked smart.
Would be nice if could buy something like this without the complete package.

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You can buy just the deck that comes with the “Charging Docker” as they call it.

Deck is pretty insane, honestly. The forged carbon is gorgeous and it’s the perfect size at 39.4" long, IMO.

Land Cruiser Deck


The shape of the deck is actually a fair bit different than the Metroboard X when you compare them side by side. It’s also way shorter at 39.4" long instead of 47".

To bad it has to be used with propietary remote.

It doesn’t look like forged carbon fiber.

It doesn’t have to be used with a proprietary remote? It looks like it comes with a VX2 and you can use any remote you want.

Look at the “Land Cruiser Deck” link that I posted 3 posts above yours. That shows the Forged Carbon Fiber version of the deck.

I wouldn’t get the complete. The battery pack says only “Panasonic 21700”, and it’s 19.2Ah. So at roughly 4800mAh per cell, it’s likely that they’re not very high discharge.


This is like a car dealership selling a “Ford SUV” without mention whether it’s a Bronco, Ecosport, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Expedition, or Flex model.

So much facepalm


Yeah, I was on chat with them earlier and he mentioned the BMS is capped at 70a, and that the default ESC motor settings are set at 30a per motor. Although, I imagine that should still be more than enough, I’m not one to try and kill myself. He also told me the new ESC is rated for 100A continuous.

If I were to part out a build I’d probably go with the deck, trucks, motor mounts, and guards, and then get a 12S4P P42A pack built, the BKB Xenith V2, and some 6374 Flipsky Battle Hardened motors.

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They’re the standard 4800mah Panasonic 21700’s being used by a lot of Chinese prebuilt manufacturers nowadays. Same ones Mooch tested not too long ago I believe.

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Looks like I was wrong, their new ESC is rated at 100A continuous per motor, not 100A total. So, their new vesc is rated at 200a continuous. Oof, I’d probably go with their ESC too since it mounts to their heatsink, then I’d only need a battery and motors.

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So, I was talking to Cato from Boundmotor, looks like they’re coming out with a 100A rated P42A pack. He let me place an order for a board that’ll ship with that pack in a few weeks when that battery option is ready to go.

Bound Flash complete w/ a 12S4P P42A pack, Forged Carbon deck, 175mm Pneummies, and sans remote $60 discount because fuck the VX2, came out to $1554.05 with the 5% discount, free shipping.

Pretty goddamn hard to beat that, IMO.


I wouldn’t touch Boundmotor with a ten-foot pole since the Jedboards connection.


They even did copy the heatsink design :sweat_smile:



Oh boi that’s pretty damn impressive, if I had a friend with $1600 I’d send them to that far before I’d recommend building unless they really wanted the build experience

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What Jedboards connection? Haven’t heard anything about this.

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