New Boundmotor Flash Board w/ new ESC


Well, hey, at least Boundmotor has a proven track record at releasing finished products. :joy: :rofl:

Geez. They could have at least anodized those red parts a different color to not COMPLETELY rip Metroboard off.

The individual parts sound not bad, but there have been plenty of quality issues on Boundmotor to make me leery.

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Just ordered myself the deck


They definitely could have. :joy:

I’m planning on masking them off and spray painting them black to black out the board.

Past issues were mostly with the ESC, right? And their direct drives? This ESC at the very least looks like a HUGE step up from their last one. Also, since this is belt drive that should also alleviate some issues. The P42A battery should be a huge upgrade as well.

I guess I’ll see how it turns out when I get it.


Couldn’t you get them reanodized? Maybe a nice deep blue.

I could, not really worth the added cost for me though as it’s not THAT big of a deal.

Got my board in, it’s amazing.

It’s pretty insane that they managed this fit and finish at this price point.


Is it me or is that just a makerx dv6
@ShutterShock You have one right? am I crazy??!?


You know, I was trying to figure out which ESC they rebranded, that looks to be the one.

It’s identical.

Well that’s a great esc, how much was this thing?

edit: for $1600 its not a bad deal


Total purchase price was $1614.05 with a 5% discount and without the VX2 remote, because fuck the VX2.

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I’m actually glad you linked the ESC as I was trying to figure out how the hell to hook up a regular PWM remote and felt like an idiot. Now I now what connector I need to use.


Instead of the regular jst-xh used for ppm remotes this uses jst-ph

Best place to buy an adapter wire for that? Board unfortunately didn’t come with one.

Edit: Nevermind, found them super cheap on Amazon. Going to return the Flipsky VX1 I ordered and use my buddies spare 2.4 ghz mini remote. Thanks!

Definitely is. They must have worked a deal out with makerx for a rebrand for their board


I’m certainly pretty happy with my purchase, lol.

Honestly can’t believe they put this board together for the price. Hell, even the forged carbon fiber deck is absolutely gorgeous.


They definitely borrowed visually from the Metroboard X, but can’t deny that it looks pretty damn good. Congrats on the new board!


Absolutely. And a 12s4p deck with all that stuff for $400 ain’t too shabby either. Looks nice with the 3K twill finish. It could be a really nice project.


Congrats! This might be the best board under 2000 bucks atm.