My torque is non-existent

Okay so heres the issue i am having. I have a 12s4p Torque Board Battery with a Torque Board VESC as well as a Torque Board 6374 motor. The issue i am having is that i lose basically all torque from the motor out of no where and cannot climb any hill even with the slightest incline. VESC setup i put from top down, 60A, -60A, 60A, -6A. This setup worked completly fine with a flipsky 6374 motor, accelerating to 30mph while climbing up a 15% gradient. I checked the connections between the esc and motor as well as the solder connections and they are all solid connections. This motor is week old and has maybe 20 miles on it. What changed in my system that brought the same powered motor just different company to almost a useless piece of crap. Please help if you can i am out of ideas of what it could possibly be. Thank you if you do help

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Run detection, post results, thanks.


Did you change any other settings? There is a change there is thermal throttling because the limit is set way too low, both the ESC and the motor have a thermister built in but motor one needs to be calibrated so it could throttle at like 40C or something


the only things i did in the setup was the battery max and regen max, and the motor max and motor brake, setup for 12s, ran deterction and finished. no other settings were changed

What did you change the battery settings by?

they went to the like 40.7 volt and 37volt i believe. im about to run through the settings again so ill let you know for sure

Charge battery to full, run detection and check belt tension then post results please

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While you’re at it. check each individual P-group so none of them varies arguebly in voltage.

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do i just go to the motor setup wizard?
or is there a more indepth setup i have to do?

40.8 start, 37.2 end

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Did you apply the updated settings? And what voltage is the battery at?

just clicked apply, how do i tell what the voltage of the battery is at

the battery reads 77% but i know thats not what youre asking for

Are you also uploading the changes you make to your settings after clicking apply?

yes i am

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are you available to maybe help me through this setup? or anybody honestly. It seems like theres more than needs to be changed than i know how to do…

Discord me ZachTetra@8039, screen share me and I’ll see if I can spot your problem. It’s very unlikely a new TB motor will be shitty


just sent a friend request, couldnt figure out how to just start a message

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Wait a second guys, he doesn’t need to check P group voltage.
Parameters for soft cutoff yes.

What’s your torque expectation for a single drive?

We need voltage, settings and more details about the setup. Don’t go opening your battery yet