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My first Trampa build

Hi, doing my first Trampa build and first diy :slight_smile: Been into FPV and RC since I was 6 so for most part its nothing new.

Will update more on the setup later

Trampa HS11
Regular trampa trucks
8" trampa threads with superstar hubs
Hk sk3 6374 192kv x2 (maybe a bit high KV but will start here with a low gear)
Focbox unity
Unik motor mounts 72T pulleys and 13-15t on the motor (ordered all 3)
20mm wide belts
EBoosted enclosure for 20700 cells
diy 12s4p sanyo 20700B battery
Flipsky Vx1 remote

Making this thread mostly if I screw up you guys can stop me so I dont end up riding a fireball :rofl:

Renovating the house at the same time so a pretty slow build but we are almost done so I can spend more time on the board and my cars :slight_smile:

Started with the battery today:
Glued the cells with hot glue and test fitted them

Wrapped the packs in fish paper but I bought to little so will have to wait for the last 4 packs

Making the nickel connections its 0.2mmx20mm

Welding with my new maletronics spot-welded :slight_smile: Really like it so far only complaint is that the probes gets quite hot after one side of the P. Feel free to comment the welds its my first time :slight_smile: Did a few tests with 18650 cells I had and the nickel rips if I try to pull it of.

Done for today will do the other 4 packs tomorrow then I need to wait for more fish paper for the last 4 :slight_smile:


Looks clean so far! Do you have more picture about your other components? I am interested to see what are those “unbranded” parts, and how do they look like.

Will post more tomorrow :slight_smile: is not to unknown just dont remember at the moment. :joy:

Nice! Perhaps of interest, based in Ireland

PS: Those cells max at 15A iirc, so you would only be able to go 30A batt max per ESC?

Thx but got a belt drive that I will start with :slight_smile: want try to keep the volume low if I cruise in the city as the board is illegal lol :joy:

Jepp sadly only 30A per motor so if its way to little I can sell this battery and go with lower capacity but higher discharge.

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Did a bit of work yesterday

Made sure that all cables are the exact same length. Probably doesn’t mater at this short distance but a nice detail. Will use 2x 12awg between the packs


Time to shrinkwrap and then reinforce with some fiberglass tape where it is needed :slight_smile: Then This will be on hold until I get more fishpaper (2-3weeks) :frowning: But bought some nice details for the motor wires today

Updated the first post with some more specs.

In need of a charger for 12s will gladly take any advice on where to find one in EU at a decent cost :slight_smile: Bioboards was out of stock :frowning: also in need of a charging port.