Another Trampa build

Been doing some more riding this week as the weather have been good!

To my surprise that printed pulley are not whats getting worn out but the aluminum motor pulleys :flushed:

Will be ordering gear drive and new motors soon. Will definitely go sensored as I get quite alot of cog as soon as I try to start on soft ground


You could have a look into AS5047 encoder instead of buying new sensored motors if you go gear drive. The etoxx drives have the add on option for the encoder slot. 2x encoders are round about 40€ on mouser I think.


oh sweet! Had no idea really good to know but need new motors as these have a 8mm shaft that I grinded to get the flats for the grub screw so wont work to good with new Etoxx gears i suspekt

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Depending on the motor gear teeth count and bore I think etoxx does use grub screw too.
Anyway, it’s just an option to take in account.
Nothing bad in buying new motors :sweat_smile:

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@andy87 is correct.
All the 8mm e-toxx pinions use a grub screw and some also have a key way.

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Ohh Sweet! Thanks had no idea haha will look into it. I currently got 190kv so might want a tad lower anyway haven’t really read up on it yet :slight_smile: Bought a new Karting engine today and sent away some carparts for paint so my fun budget it blown this month :sweat_smile:

Haven’t been riding enough because of kitchen renovation but its all done now :slight_smile: Ordered geardrive, new motors and trampa barrels.

Got the beautiful drives from @3DServisas :heart_eyes:

also got my @Trampa barrels yesterday. I just had to test them right away and holy shit what a difference!! Its like a totally different board compared to spings with dampas. More carve, tighter turn and just rock steady at higher speeds.
With springs the board was a bit uncomfortable at about 43km/h+ and if you let the throttle go fast it would want to wobble.

With barrels I topped the board to 52km/h and it was so steady even going over small holes in the asphalt. No signs of wobble at all when letting the throttle go to.

Now I just need to get my 6384 v2 170kv from APS :smiley: Should hopefully ship next week (3-4weeks wait time when ordered) so crossing my fingers cause I snapped my last belt yesterday lol


Finally finished and tested the board this weekend! :smiley: Really smooth and not crazy loud but I must say that I lack a bit of torque compared to the old setup but there is definitely enough to have fun.

Got delayed a bit as I got a bad bearing on one of the drives but 3D servias sent out a new one right away. But after digging around in the shop I found a new bearing so mounted that meanwhile.

APS v2 seems really nice with dual retention rings. Solid motor but 2 ‘‘flaws’’ I found is

  1. Not battle hardened from the factory (I was informed and did it myself).
  2. The temp sensor is connected to 5v and not GND that is standard for Vesc so its kinda pointless for us.

Sadly forgot to take measurements of the stator but doesn’t look much bigger than my old Sk3 6374

I had the 9.xxmm titanium hangar so had to get a new truck from trampa. But it seems like all the trampa hangars come machined square therefore the drive was really lose and you could wiggle it quite a bit. The screws fixate it good and hopefully that will be enough but the design of the drive should be updated :slight_smile: Also got some new rims while at it!

Printed bumpers for the drive in TPU, Going over to Blue instead of red bit by bit :wink:
You can also see the additional cable glands for the sensor wires

Really nice and smooth but it doesn’t have the same torque as the old setup :slight_smile:

its 50/50 at the moment if I will build another city trampa or to just sell the stuff. Cause I got everything spare apart from Vesc and battery.


What is the size of trampas square?

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I will see if I can measure it without taking the drive appart when I get home :slight_smile: But @Trampa might know this directly

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The CNCed ones are 19.5 x 19.5mm


We need more people that just give the dimensions, great :+1:


Hey, I gotta check are all the trucks CNC’d square now? When browsing your site I can’t find anything on it but my invoice actually says INFINITY CNC ATB Hanger - 12mm SOLID axles but I paid the price for a none CNC did the system mess up and I actually got the wrong truck or do you CNC all now? :slight_smile: Looking at the invoice made me super confused lol and I can’t find back to the exact page I ordered as I could choose a CNC baseplate then

I think they are all CNCed now. Old Stock should be sold and new stock is CNCed.

ah I see like I suspected then :slight_smile: Might be a good idea to update the site :joy: Would be a real bummer if you get a CNC truck and your mounts wont fit. Mine are definitely on the edge.