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[EU](SWE)Trampa 3D servisas geardrive Eboosted

I write this with tears in my eyes… My baby is up for sale as I just ride to little and messed up my knee a few weeks back so wont be riding much more this year.

Here is my buildthread but it gotten a few updates that’s not mentioned there.

Deck: Trampa HS11 16ply deck + Trampa bindings
Front truck: Precision ULTIMATE TITANIUM with barrels
Rear truck: Regular Trampa Infinity 12mm with barrels
Wheels: Trampa Superstars all black
Tires: 8" Trampa treads (hard)
Enclosure: Eboosted for 20700 cells with gasket
Drivetrain: 3D servisas FatBoy Mini Eco AT Gear Drive V2 1/4.2 gearing
Motors: APS 6384S V2 170KV (battle hardened)
ESC: Focbox unity with Metr Pro module
Remote: Flipsky VX2 Pro
Battery: Sanyo 20700B 12s4p
BMS: Bestech smart BMS with bluetooth. 12s 4A (same one as Bioboards used to sell)

Board tops out at about 54km/h with about 100kg load but still got a ton of torque for off road use :slight_smile:
Got less then 100km on the board since new and maybe 20-25km since i mounted the geardrive.
Always store it with 80% charge
There is a extra set if tires with tubes included and random spare screws from trampa + extra grease for drives.

only ‘‘defect’’ is that there is a small piece of gelcoat chipped from the underside from riding in the woods. The fiberglas under is not damaged so just cosmetic and can be expected when using :slight_smile:

Shipping within EU at buyers expense :slightly_smiling_face:

Located in Veberöd, Sweden (25min from Malmö)

Asking 2500€ pretty firm.


If I wasn’t recovering from a broken leg I would probably jump on this. GLWS

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Still up for grabs and open to reasonable offers.

Figured out how to ship it within EU :slight_smile: Need county and postal code to check how much it is! :slight_smile:

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Board now has metr Pro installed :slight_smile:

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Feel free to make decent offers :slight_smile:

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Thought about parting out?

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I’m interested in your motors, geardrive and possibly hanger for my own Trampa. I need new geardrive and motors. Is your hanger precision machined? If yes i’m open to just buy your rear hangar as well. Or swap with mine (it’s also black)

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Im interested in deck and enclosure and maybe more!

I guess deck dibs if you part!

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also interested in deck

Not very interested to part it out yet. But someone can buy it, take what they want and sell the rest :slight_smile: Done it myself plenty of times.

Like I said earlier open to offers worst case you get a no

Shipping within EU should be around 100€

Late black Friday deal 2000€ without shipping. :slight_smile:

annnndddd sold! This can now be closed :slight_smile: It will be heading to Ireland next week!