My first REAL EBoard-Parts List

Here is the parts list I have come up with over the past few days, please lmk if there are any chagnes that you recommend. I will do my best to keep up with the build process including pics, etc.

Price Range: around $1000
(Updated) Parts List:
[Dual FSESC4.20 Plus (Based on VESC ) with Anodized Aluminum Heatsink $179
[2.4Ghz Remote VX1 for DIY electric skateboard $50
TB 218mm Trucks $65
TB 6374 190kv motors x2 $240
Single bolt on motor kit w/ drive wheel x2 $213
Orangutan Wheels $68
Bones Redz bearings $18
@Psychotiller 405 enclosure $55
(already have) Mboards 10s3p battery

An actual waste of money…they just get stuck right?


there is the link for it, I think its a good thing to have considering I dont want to go the xt90 circuit way as im going for a clean build

I mean you can try…but you’re probably throwing away $40…look on the forums for “precharge circuit” and follow those. I think the Fatboy antisparks have them

thanks for the info ill look into it

Your 10s4p battery should have a on off switch already. Most BMS’s have that as an option.

mine only has a xt60 connecter and a jst that connnets for the charge port

I’d swap out the amazon enclosure, switch, and vesc to a psychotiller, loopkey, and fs4.2/6.6 or unity.

^ theres the amazon enclosure, i have seen a lot of build videos with this enclsoure and it seems to be well made and a good price, i dont have a budget to spend 80 on a enclsure.

as for the switch i want an antispark as well as a power switch and there was another person on here and he said his build sparked and started on fire and im not looking for that to happen, if i have to spend an extra 40 i think its worth it.

What is wrong with the vescs i choose? they are on sale for only 85 a piece and i think its a good deal aswell as ive been told they are relatively beefy

  • sure, I’d still recommend something better

  • An xt90s is an antispark and acts as a power switch.

  • theyre overpriced for outdated hardware (sorry dexter :sweat_smile:). can be picked up for $50 or so. there are better options.

whats a good esc u recommend for around the same price?

I’ve heard good things here about the fsesc 4.2 dual plus

hmm ok ill look into it

this one?

This one:

It comes with a switch but iirc it’s shite

Hopefully the enclosure holds up. I’ve seen people crack them when tightening them down. (Not sure it was that one, just cheaper thin ones)

As for the anti spark… I’ve blown 2.
One on the first day. I don’t trust them anymore.
The fatboy switch is an option but keep in mind it constantly drains the battery when off. (Slowly but still important to know)
Personally i don’t trust anti sparks switches yet.
Loopkeys or bust. There are ways to make the build clean still.
Pick function over form

ok sounds good, im gonna just go the loopkey route i think. Im horrible at soldering so do u know anyone i could buy a xt90 loopkey as well as a xt60 to xt90 to xt 90 from?

that esc looks pretty good ill go with that but u dont recommend using the switch it comes with?

From what I hear it’s best to skip the switch since it’s just bad

ok sounds good, ill just use a loopkey in between the battery and esc