Flipsky dual 4.20 plus, jump switch?

I have a flipsky dual 4.20 plus, this comes with an anti spark switch as well. I am 100% certain this will fail, since it cannot handle the current and many many other users have had similar issues. So I am wondering if there is a way to jump it? So I can use a loop key or other anti spark that is more reliable, such as the fat boy.

I saw this pic on flipsky website, with the 6.6 where you can choose to have a switch or not. Here they seem to have jumped from S to +.

Has someone done something like this and can share their experiences?

Otherwise I might just buy a couple of switches that can be expandable when this one breaks. I found some on ali: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32884565717.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.57e63c00zXMhTr

But I would not know how to wire these, maybe someone can help me out with that as well?

Interested in this too. I would like the option to skip the built in anti spark if it causes problems in the future.

Don’t plug in the switch, it defaults to roll to start.


Have you tested it out? If so, sounds pretty brilliant. I did not even know the ESC had this feature.

I would have said it as fact if I hadn’t actually done it. I would’ve prefaced with something like “the manual says…”.

I have 2 of them, one uses a switch, one doesn’t. The one that doesn’t has a BMS with E-Switch. I use the E-Switch to control power on/off and roll to start to control the VESC on/off.

I understand, thank you. Would for example having the fatboy anti spark and no switch used in the flipsky work as well as having a bms with an e-switch?

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In theory yes, but I have no experience with that specific AS switch. If you want to keep it simple use roll to start and an AS loop key.

Also, keep in mind…

You cannot get rid of the AS switch on the FlipSky dual 420 plus, you can NOT use the physical switch but the AS remains.


Thank you, all my questions have been sorted out :smiley: I think the fatboy anitspark is less prone to failure because it is precharging, which the flipsky switch does not.

May I ask how long you have been using the flipsky plus with the switch? Have you had any problems with it?

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Around 8 months I think? I haven’t had any issues but I use a panel mount to hold the switch and the mount is noted into the enclosure, the switch is completely encased in hot glue inside the enclosure.

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You can manually bypass it like so.

MOSFET drain source is shorted with a wire, S and + are shorted while - is left disconnected.

From what Ive heard, Flipsky is working on a smart antispark with roll-to-start and auto-turn-off that employs proper highside switching and inrush current limiting.

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So the current antispark switch on their FSESCs (HW4 and HW6) is useless and should be bypassed?

@Gamer43 Do you know it this was implemented in the most recent version of the 4.20 plus?

Unfortunately no, they are still doing tests, right now they are trying to figure out at what current it explodes.

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In your opinion can the current switch on the 4.20 plus be relied upon? (Will it last or is it destined to fail?)


10 char.

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I know it’s now getting off topic but have you taken a look at the maker-x anti spark?

I have not, but I think @mmaner has.

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One was sent to me by maker-x for for testing but it got lost in transit. I’m looking for a small anti-spark that won’t fail and so far all the ones I’ve tried have😥

On a side note I went on a ride with my friend that you sent one of your prototype Anti Sparks to and did some heavy off roading and it dident even get a tad bit warm! Very impressive!

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:). If anyone needs a quick and easy DiY, they know where to look :).

It is still lowside though and if the latching switch is bad, fires are X_X.

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