My first fail, i hope the last too

I changed, change and will change and modify many things on my builds. There’s always room to improve this and that. I guess most of us do it sometimes.
Today i did the first run of my new build. If i wasn’t a grown up man i would be crying right now. It’s the most dangerous unviable piece of shit i have ever done. This was the first time i was willing to go back home as fast as possible. All my builds were somehow succesful and ridable since minute one. This is my first fail. Epic fail i guess.

I built a 10s3p inside a beautiful haya mini with smart bms and flipsky dual 6.6+
flipsky remote and flipsky bluetooth with flipsky motors. So far so good.

I did a charge port. No need for more holes as the bms can shut down the battery from the cell phone.

So there it is my magnificent haya with nano gear drive and abec 107’s

Ok nearly done. I tested the thing…BOOM i hear a noise. The motors do not spin anymore, the remote is dead. Wtf? no load testing… The stupid antispark of the flipsky blew up along with half of the pcb within the first two hours just testing the thing. You gotta be fucking kidding me.
I talked about it some weeks ago. Beware banggood and flipsky

long boring story:

I had an excruciating experience with both banggood and flipsky. I swear i will never ever buy anything from flipsky. They are the worst sorry excuse of a despicable company. After many mails pics and videos their engineers (engineers my ass) couldn’t see the fail. They asked me to check the can bus cable…on a dual …omfg i realized they were not even paying attention. I achieved to get a replacement after many mails with banggood. They said they shipped to me a new one…They sent it to some dude in great britain. I can’t believe it. Maybe it was not a mistake, maybe they never wanted to replace it and showed me the tracking of another sale. They refused to ship another one, i wasn’t surprised at all. Banggood offered me to return the item and get back my cash. I lost the shipping cash, that sux.

back to the build:

after getting rid of that waste of electronics from flipsky i put some decent vescs:

i was saving my escapes for my evo but i had to use them on this build.

this was the build one hour ago. I was with a smile on my sexy face about to go out for a kickass ride…

Just within the first km:

I knew the clearance was low and was expecting scratches but the experience was terrible. The gear box gets jammed at the slightest uneven surface and makes a full stop. I got launched 7 times. My first ride is always slow, geared, helmet on, well known route etc…i was riding very slow so i am not harmed but the build seems to be totally unviable. Incredibly dangerous. I rode to a very smooth area and it was really pleasant to ride. This is my first gear box build. The difference with belts is huge, smooth acceleration and brakes. Very nice. I loved it but my city has very few smooth areas. I ride on crappy pavement most of the time.

This is the esk8 back at home, around 3 km later:

I can’t use it like this. The idea of pneumatics crossed my mind but i can’t use them on the mini haya. I have to think the whole build again. I don’t know if the nano can be mounted reversed.
Bergmeisters seem to have the right clearance to use the nano drive on my pavements

My advice to those who have a build in mind:
Banggood is not a good place to buy a vesc. They have very low authority on sellers.
Flipsky sux fat dicks.
Do not use 107´s with nano drive if you are going to ride on uneven surfaces, go to pneumatics instead.
And last but not least think very well your build before you engage the job.
I bit the dust today for lack of common sense. I should have anticipated this disaster.

i earned this today.


This might sound stupid, but what if you mounted the motors in the front of the board? You might have clearance to raise them really high that way

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The lid thing is a common print painted with fluorescent stuff and a hand of epoxy and beach sand. The battery has 3p spacers soldered with copper braids.
I don’t think i can use pneumatics on this deck. Not even with high risers.

Another option would be getting the 50mm motor version of this gear drive that @Kug3lis promised would be up on 3dservisas’ store in the princess board build thread

I do not understand the difference. It would still have the same clearance. Unless i manage to mount them reversed i can’t use those wheels.

I mean a paper print. Made with some plotter. I used glue and epoxy to stick it to the lid.

Yes, reverse mount was what I was thinking. Looks like they cannot :frowning: Maybe if you changed the truck angles?

i dunno. They are meant to use like this. I gotta find a way or swap wheels. Maybe those 120’s from slickrevolution

That’s only a 6.5mm difference :confused: I would first try getting some risers and maybe dewedging the rear truck for more of an angle away from the ground.

ye the dewedge thing is one of my first thoughts. I have some angled risers here. I have to modify them tho because i have routed risers there to fit the wires inside the haya. Maybe that fixes the problem. I’ll test many possibilities.

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I think you mounted with wrong sides (flipped baseplates) because gear drives are pointing to ground instead of to the deck?

Also there are more holes u can adjust ±15º angle of mounting them


Because normally is wheel side is brushing not motor side



This. I have these drives with TB 110mm wheels forward mounted with the angle at the ‘upmost’ position (not sure if I should call it + or - 15 deg). I get nicks from larger rocks but never hit hard on the pavement. I doubt the extra 1.5mm clearance I’m getting from the 110s is really saving me.


Yeah I would have to agree with you here, looks like they are using the baseplate for the opposite side, giving a 180 flip on the proper angle. I thought they looked super low compared to yours, I suppose this is what was weird.


I think it is a matter of too low an angle like @Kug3lis said.


You definitely want A higher than B so that the wear point is B, otherwise you will hit shit incessantly.

@anon54720240 not sure about the longevity there one way or the other.

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In my experience you need >10mm clearance to be able to go around nicely. When I first try my DD with 90mm wheels was like 5-6mm clearance and was to easy to scratch it. Although never locked my motors. It’s weird because other are using the same drive with 107 or 110mm wheels and do not seem to have the same problem. Maybe you install them at a wrong angle. It’s a pity the build is really nice!

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No. They are not flipped. I didn’t know there were different angles available tho. My bad. They were screwed in the last hole, I did it properly now with angled risers and the difference is huge. The lower part of the box is still very close to ground and my pavements are horrible but may be viable now. I will test it before I give up and go for pneumatics.

I expect very heavy scratches at the lower point. In case the board does not make full stop I am good to go.
I envy those of you riding nice smooth asphalt.


That looks a lot better. Hopefully will slide over bumps instead of catching on them.


this made me laugh fn hard lol… sounds like yur getting ood feedback and hopefully will correct itself instead of being a fail.

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You didn’t finish the sentence. I am not badmouthing the nano. It is just not easy to use on crappy pavements.