MTB | Trampa | MBS Matrix | SS Geardrive | 63100S | 12S8P 32AH

Hi Guys,

This my first build topic. I took me almost 2 years to built this MTB haha.
I made a lot of changes during the build. From undertray to toptray battery, 6374 to 6384 motors. Trampa to MBS trucks. Belt drive to geardrive. Trampa bindings to MBS and so on.
Last weekend was my first drive ever on a MTB/ pneumatics. WOW! this completely different.
I really enjoyed shredding over pavement, dirt, grass, hills. etc… I’m quite surprised how fast I got used to stay in balance, drifting into corners, going up hills.
I really like this new way of boarding :slight_smile:

Anyhow this is the list.

  • Trampa E-deck
  • Trampa 8’Superstar wheel with Innova Tyres
  • MBS Matrix II trucks with metal base plate, -5 degree Rear Red/ Front Yellow
  • MBS F5 Bindings and heelstraps
  • 3Dservisas Fatboy SS drive 1:5
  • APS motors 6384S 170kV 4000W “battle hardened” -> now 63100S 140kv 4500W
  • Dual Escape
  • 12S8P Sanyo 20700B Battery
  • BMS with bluetooth
  • Trampa Monsterbox V2 with some modifications
  • Mini Remote and Trampa Wand (soon)
  • Metr Pro bluetooth
  • Front and rear lighting dc bucket converters…

3d printed parts:

  • TPU concave pads
  • TPU bottom rear cable channnel with side entry for motor connections
  • TPU bottom front cable channel
  • TPU -5 degree dewedge rear truck
  • TPU 5mm front riser
  • PLA TOP front & rear cable channel covers
  • PLA 6mm spacer monsterbox
  • PLA Backplane Escape Monterbox V2
  • PLA Lighting bracket front
  • PLA Lighting bracket rear
  • PLA 6mm hole caps Trampa deck
  • PLA "in da loop"key from Dani

Things to

  • Find a name for the board :slight_smile:
  • Currently working on fenders/ wheel guards for the wheels :slight_smile:
  • Griptape is not sticking properly to TPU concave pads. Redesigning the pads to get rid of the griptape.
  • Would prefer to have some more low end torque. Maybe I can increase batt current a little bit but need to monitor temperature of the batt better. Currently after hard pushing already 47 degrees

Here some pics:

Uploading: 6F4998B8-E01B-411C-A441-24E64CC5EB72.jpeg… Uploading: 52CCBC7C-1DEC-4670-8559-C77E2C3CE07F.jpeg…


Beautiful build! And lots of custom stuff. Could you take some closer pictures of all the 3d printed stuff you have done?

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Is the routing for phase wires from trampa? Or did you do it.

I need to do the same and could use some tips. I am comfortable with a wood deck but i dont want to ruin my carbon with a screw up.

I do have acces to raw carbon fiber and resin to make the cover plate thankfully

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Thanks man!
Of course. Maybe tonight. I also will share the files soon on thingiverse.

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This is done by trampa. To be honest I would only purchase it as a complete board.
I expected a top finished product but still had to do some quality finish/ improvements/ tinkering etc. which I didn;t expect for the pricetag/ trampa brand.


made the decision to increase the torque by trying 2x 63100 motors. it should fit.

i’m going to make external hall sensor board and probably will install temp sensors while battle hardening the motors.

Need to wait for 6 weeks+ before motors arrive…

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Wish you the best! Last time I ordered from a 6 week backorder it took 12+ weeks and than one motor broke during motor detection.

What about using an AS5047 Encoder instead of the external sensor board? Just an idea.


The beauty of AS5047 is to upgrade the good RC Flight Motors to sensored Operation.
Loving my 6374-200kv DYMOND


Last time for me, he says 4 weeks, and was shipped in 5 !!!
16 motors, the half use and perfectly worked … for now.
Lotery !

Super clean build Sebaszz :+1: a real beast, good tame !


Yes, defiantly depends on the batch.
I would non the less always upgrade the motors before use. When the magnets first broken it’s a pain to change them.

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yes I know… haha. We will see how it goes. I’m not in a rush atm.

I thought about the encoders. But then I have to modify my gearbox probably and to get a good signal, cable need to be short as possible, no extra jst connectors int between, get rid of the trampa sensor pcb etc. This means I need to modify quite bit in the cable channel. And than still all cables are running parallel with the high inductance motor cables. I’m not sure if I can get clean signal vs. benefits.

But if someone has a good idea let me know.

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I asked and they said 6 weeks since they are quite popular. I think for e-foiling.
But anyhow I expect hem to be a little bit later…


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Had my first crash on my MTB this weekend. My front lifted unexpected at around 30km/u, lost a bit of balance, when the front touched the ground again the pressure on left wheel was much higher. Massive wobble and crashed onto the pavement with my board strapped to my feet… Impact was quite hard. Overstretched some muscles in my legs, arm towards my neck. Almost now road rash since I was wearing protection.

Stupid lesson learned. Made too many changes at once:

  • Increased motor current from 75 to 90
  • Increased battery current from 80 to 120
  • Increased PPM positive ramping time from 0.3 to 0.2
  • Loosened rear shock blocks at bit

The board was much more aggressive than expected while rear the was to loose. Basically recipe for disaster. Especially since I was pushing the board hard last time without any issue I had a lot of confidence from the start.

I first need to recover a few days before I can get back on the board…:smile:


Glad you ok more or less! :sweat_smile::+1:
Did you run the 120A battery max on one vesc or is it the value for both together?

Edit: just went through your thread and realized that you want to upgrade to a bigger motor when you even didn’t max out the ones you have? I think the thing which limits your torque is not the motor, but the battery and the settings. With the 1:5 gear drive at 170kV with 80A bat Max and 90A motor max, positive ramping at 0.1sec and throttle curve at 15% you should take off each time you pull the trigger :sweat_smile:

Maybe you are right… :rofl:
I lost a few recordings. But looking at this one. My motors are maxing out most of the time. (old settings)

In grass I can power drift, but it’s not eating grass like…(i don’t know)
Also going up steep hills with speed, at the end i’m loosing rpm/torque…

Since motors are maxing out, I thought I need bigger motors. Ordered them and then changed the settings and was surprised how it’s changed. Since I only drove to 500mtrs. Never reached the grass :joy: I still need to see if it’s really more powerfull.

Anyhow I will stick to the 63100 for science :crossed_fingers:

What do you guys think about the voltage sag btw? around 10% during heavy loads…

These are not high drain cell but still equivalent to 30Q

As long as the motors don’t overheat on a fresh spring morning ride there is still more power left to get out of them.

Yeah definitely do this!

Yes I fully agree, that is why I raised the current to 90A to what happens with the temperature.

Linky to the motors please?